[VIDEO] Frustrated C8 Corvette Owner Shares PDR Video of a Chevy Tech Driving Over 100 MPH in his Car


[VIDEO] Frustrated C8 Corvette Owner Shares PDR Video of a Chevy Tech Driving Over 100 MPH in his Car

While the vast majority of new C8 Corvette owners have had a trouble-free experience with their new cars, there are some who have dealt with various issues here and there. We’re not sugarcoating that because these things do happen and it is frustrating to have to through the process to get things fixed. That why manufacturers offer warranties so at least you don’t have to pay for it.

Perhaps one of the most frustrated owners of the 2020 Corvette is this California owner who has shared a number of videos to his YouTube channel about the various gremlins in his machine. He’s had so many different problems with the car that he’s nicknamed it the “World’s Worst C8 Corvette.”

But here’s the thing…despite all his troubles, he very much loves the car and tells us he plans on keeping it for a while.

Jaysmizle’s issues with his 2020 Corvette started last December just weeks into his first month of ownership with a bad frunk actuator where the car thinks the frunk is open when it isn’t, and speeds are limited to 26 mph. The fact that it happened as he was driving on a busy highway made it even more interesting. Getting that fixed required a trip to the dealer.

Days after getting his car back, his dash and infotainment system go dark while driving and then a few days later it reverts to demo mode. That was another trip to the dealer’s service department to get that issue fixed.

[VIDEO] Frustrated C8 Corvette Owner Shares PDR Video of a Chevy Tech Driving Over 100 MPH in his Car

Two weeks after that all that happened, his digital display goes on the fritz again, but luckily he found a hack to fix it – just bang on the side of the center console, and presto, all the lights come back on! Then there was a video he shared that on startup, his infotainment screen showed a Cadillac logo following an update.

Now it’s late May and his C8 started acting up again with warning messages to service the Theft Deterrent System, a check-engine light displays, his radio doesn’t work, and the gas gauge shows nearly empty (when it’s not.)

[VIDEO] Frustrated C8 Corvette Owner Shares PDR Video of a Chevy Tech Driving Over 100 MPH in his Car

In his latest video, he has just picked up the car from the dealership and realizes there are a few more miles on it than was expected. As he had set his Performance Data Recorder to record all the time like a dash camera, he reviewed the footage which shows two Chevrolet service techs taking the car out for a test drive. The driver and passenger took a 15.5-mile round-trip down the highway and back and while the tech mostly followed the speed limit, there was that moment where he accelerated to 104 mph in a 55 mph speed zone.

Needless to say, Jasmizle isn’t the happiest guy right now and so he uploaded a new video with the entire “test drive” that was captured on the memory card. He’s asking for opinions on what should he do. Although this speedy test drive is fairly mild when compared to some previous stories of techs behaving badly, it still happened. Check out the video and then leave a comment below.

Jaysmizle / YouTube

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  1. Well I would not be ticked of by the mechanics driving my car that is capable of over 175 mph opening it up to a hundred. If it was my Silverado then I would be pissed. But what bothers me more are people who leave there garages taped and spackeled. Take a couple of hours and throw a coat of paint on the walls and ceiling. It will make the neighborhood look better.

  2. Straight up unacceptable. What would the owner of the dealership do if it was his new car?

  3. 100 mph in that situation wasn’t particularly a problem for a Corvette…..good weather, very light traffic, etc…..If it was me, I would turn the video over to the local police dept. and let them make the call…the evidence is obviously there….let this clown suffer the same fate as any other one of us would if we were caught by the local cops….take his license for a year and a VERY hefty fine……these two have no business working at a Chevy dealership service dept if that’s how they feel about Chevy quality (other than job security working on all the problems)….what are the lemon laws for California, might be something to check into….dump this obvious POS and order up another one……doubt it could be any worse than this one!

  4. Seriously!?! You’re complaining about that? I watched the entire video and was quite surprised that the tech babied your new Corvette the way he did. Again, seriously!?! I could see being upset if he did some 0 to 60 sprints, but he did absolutely no harm when he easily ran it up to 103 mph, and most likely burned less than 1 gallon of fuel.
    You may need to lighten up a bit, but that’s just my two cents.

  5. We do have to pay for warranty repairs! With our wasted time and concern the tech doesn’t make it worse. Leaving fingerprints is a piss off too.

  6. Really, looks like more of a problem with the Corvette. If you can’t afford a gallon of gas you should have bought a Kia.

  7. Those potty mouthed chili boys need to be called on the carpet and reminded there’s plenty of lettuce to pick in the valley. Why do you need two guys in the car? They got caught and need to be punished. If you don’t speak Spanish you miss a lot in this video. Thanks for posting this. I hated taking my Vette in for the 500 mile oil change because of crap like this.

  8. I’m now into my 6th Corvette. After having a C2 ’65 in the early ’70’s and a C1 ’54, I was taken back by the C4 ’86. Brought it home ‘new’ but in the 30 days I had it, it remained at the dealer more than 21 days out of the 30 I owned it. Above 70 MPH, it had a drivetrain vibration (never fixed) and when the lights went on, the radio went off (never fixed). Under CA Lemon Law, I returned it. Sometimes it just happens.

    Other than the 15 mile trip, which may be warranted to put all the modules through their paces, I personally don’t think the tech caused any abuse to the car and didn’t push it beyond what it can do. Now, had he put it into Launch Control, that would be a whole different story. What he did do, however, is violate your trust and probably the ‘policy’ of the dealership…and the young buck with him was probably not even ASE certified, so yes, it was a ‘joy ride’. I’ve driven that road…many times…it’s a good place to put the car through its paces. Certainly in fairness to you, the dealer should be responsible and make some concessions and extend some goodwill…but with the right techs and no joyrides.

    As far as the idiot who thinks you should paint your garage, tell him you’ll buy the paint if he does a nice texture coat and paints to your satisfaction, while you sit back and enjoy a cold beer. I’ll wager your neighborhood looks better with an open garage with a C8 than his with a big-honkin’ Silverado.

  9. I would be livid. I would attempt to contact and consult with the owner(s) of dealership and allow them to suggest “restitution” for this totally unauthorized-unprofessional activity by the techs who represented the dealership. If I didn’t or don’t feel compensated for this event, I would go to the local news, radio & newspaper. My car is my automobile. And as you noted I’d never patronize that dealership again. Further where’s the etiquette, respect and integrity? Cannot imagine this was the only incident of customer boundary violations these two “techs” have ever done with other peoples car. The video verbige ie was spoken should be enough for documented reprimands or termination.

  10. Ya Bill really?? Yes it sucks having problems with a new model, it’s a hassle yes but it’s NEW it will have glitches and eventually they will get fixed and other then time it cost’s you nothing so I would get over it. As far as the tech taking the car through it’s paces, ya so it was built to do just that. Now doing doughnuts in the back lot, that would be a little different. I don’t care what my tech does with mine, he out of anyone can not only fix it if need be but he may see something else that needs attention. To bad the world is getting to many cry babies, you’re lucky you even have a C8. Much ta-do about nothing.

  11. Talk to a lawyer to see what if any legal action can be taken. Probably can find a pro
    bono guy somewhere just looking to make a name for himself with a case against “Mr. H”. If you do bring a case, in addition to Hendrick, include the dealership GM, service manager and the two idiots who were in the car. I don’t think the car was damaged, but I doubt that’s the way any dealership (even a Hendrick dealer) wants the customer to be treated. I’d go after a new vette to replace the problem car he currently has and insist that he receive it (not just a place in the order line) within a reasonable time frame.

    If you aren’t aware of Rick Hendrick’s history in the car dealership world, look it up, especially the conviction in the bribery/mail order money case to obtain a Honda dealership.

  12. I don’t see the issue of him taking up to that mph unless you have not done it yet yourself….

  13. Sound’s like he’s make something out of not much. I can’t believe he complained that they used a gallon of gas on a test run.

  14. Honestly they could of driven the shit out of it and didn’t. I’d just let the service manager aware OF it and ask him for a couple oil changes down the road. I drive my cars waaaay harder more often than they did. I put 90 thousand on a BMW m5 drive the living shit out of it everyday and it was good till 90g in miles NO ISSUES. Any service guy anywhere would drive it like this if they felt like it, period FORGET IT

  15. Many interesting comments as I read them I shake my head. Obviously, going over 100mph in a C8 does no damage to the car. But that’s not the point. I don’t know what the speed limit on that road is but if it is 65 mph well then he is going almost forty mph over the speed limit. This is potential accident territory. It’s irresponsible behavior placing not only the dealership in legal jeopardy but also regular citizens driving on the highway too. Not everyone driving on the highway has lightning reflexes. Not everyone is a skilled driver. I like the comments about the lost extra gallon of gas. Hilarious perspective. Get a lawyer? I am not a lawyer but I do believe you have to prove damage or loss. This is a police and or dealership notification issue at the end of the day. I doubt this was the first time that the tech did this. He needs to be fired period.

  16. I can’t believe others are concerned he doesn’t paint over the spackled seams in his garage (I’d do the same just to make it easier to locate studs for future shelving, etc.). This guy can certainly afford the gas cost – it’s the principle of the entire matter you “epitome of assanine stultification”.

    Everybody should be emailing, calling, writing Tad Juechter and President Mary Bara to start putting in quality components (such as with the modules) if they want to maintain a quality image and a quality product. If all they care about is profit gained by installing poor quality components in their newest Corvette, they will find out in the long run that it’s simply not worth it.

    Let Ms. Bara and Mr. Juechter know that this has already gotten millions of views and is very bad advertising for them and their poor judgement (having their team skimp on critical components). The few dollars saved per vehicle is costing them far more in negative publicity.

  17. Agree with Jim.. .100 mph for a few seconds in that situation wasn’t particularly a problem in a test drive …..good weather, very light traffic, etc….. it wasn’t even a heavy hit of the throttle. The entire test drive was fairly easy and was a great drive to see if any issues came up. And to post the conversations of these techs ??? Are you proof positive what they were talking about. I couldn’t tell…. was it even your vehicle in all the in car discussion? And not quite a gallon of gas used ??? Why didn’t you use the $500 GM sent you? … and yet squawk about $5 of gas? I sympathize with not getting things fixed on your car, and for that you have a beef. For this test drive and the Techs ….. I see no problem. The issues are with the items that have failed on your vehicle and not the repair techs and their test drive. Crap… they didn’t even stop for a burger. I kept waiting for something bad to happen. I’m thumbs down.

  18. Some of you are really clowns here, talk to a lawyer, paint your garage, turn the video over to the cops??? They took the car for a test ride and they went a little over 100 mph, my god this is a world class performance car, now it sure seems like he is out for a joy ride, but maybe with the problems the car has been having, he figured, give it short run up to the 100 to see if it triggers some other problem, which he would address when he got back. I know with my C6, if I am coming onto a highway from an on ramp and have to kick it down, it easily gets over 80 and that’s with 75 less hp. People have to lighten up some, they went 103 in a Corvette for a few seconds, they didn’t rob a bank, get over it.

  19. Wow! I’m speechless at the crybabying. When the mechanic works on your car, you can expect him or her to take a shakedown drive to make sure everything is working properly. The man babied your car and did NOTHING that should warrant your spinning out like a child, trying to rake some guy over the coals, and and trying to cost him his job over your personal insecurities. The man gently took the car to 104mph, which does absolutely no harm to that vehicle. I have the same engine in my car and at 104 my car purrs along with ease in fact, it’s easy to wind up doing 100 if I’m not paying close attention to my speed because those cars and engines run so smoothly and effortlessly at that speed. In addition, once he hit 104 he immediately dropped back down in speed. He did 104 for what? half of a second?? When you take your car in to any repair shop or dealership, you need to be prepared to accept that they may have to use $3 worth of gas in the course of repairing your car and making sure the work is completed without issue. I have to say I am stunned by your reaction as well as your complaints about the conversation the two techs had. Suddenly, you’re talking the guy needs to be reprimanded or fired for having an opinion that he never voiced to you. You strike me as one of those nightmare customers that cannot be pleased. I’m afraid if you don’t ease up a little bit on the stressing out over everything you can think of, you’re going to give yourself stomach cancer from all the crying and complaining over minutiae. Do you really think that driving to the next town over is gonna save you that $3 worth of gas?? Do you think another mechanic is going to work on your car and NOT take a test drive to make sure it’s functioning correctly? What if the mechanic needs to hear and feel the car to diagnose the problem? Are you going to demand that he guess what’s wrong with it because you can’t handle him driving it? Something to consider…

  20. I feel the same way you do. I seldom take mine to the dealer and so far have been lucky to have a good mechanic and careful driver. I’m sure they would be hard to deal with if he managed to wipe it out while Joy Test Driving..

  21. I have a Sebring Orange like yours and I can understand your frustration, although mine has had zero problems. It is compounded when you have a few comments that suggest that you are part of the problem. You are not! A dealership that cares about its customers should go the extra length to satisfy them, especially on an expensive car with problems. The speed didn’t hurt the car, but the whole trip did seem like a joy ride rather than a problem solving expedition. It’s good you posted this, and I hope Chevrolet learns something from it and in turn works to solve the bugs in the car. I also think some of those suggestions here were good ones…

  22. Wouldn’t bother me a bit. It’s the mechanic’s ticket if he is pulled over. Like others stated. He didn’t abuse the car.
    But……it doesn’t make the dealership look very professional.

  23. Was it a necessary test drive or a 10 minute joy ride? First, refer to your owners manual regarding the Break-In period. If the dealership doesn’t satisfactorily resolve your concerns and the safety of the driving public; find a new dealer. And if there’s any interest from law enforcement, be cooperative. Then kick back with a cold one knowing life is good!

  24. Funny reading all these comments, it seems 50/50 in response opinions for sure. At the end of the day, it all resembles jealousy. Example: The sales guy looks like a guy right out of GQ magazine, your wife checks him out a little too much, and you’re mad at him for looking at her. Should you go to the GM and let him know your displeasure? Should you be mad at her? or should you just forget the whole thing and move on. LOL

    As far as your garage goes and the many commenting on that, I’m one that comes from the belief that your car looks only as good as the place you park it. The C8 is a prize automobile, it’s better than most at a level even better than cars twice its price. Max out your garage, you’d hate to see mine, nothing in it but a car, (C8 delivery 3 weeks out) No rakes, no tools, no chairs nothing. Garage is completely finished out ceiling to walls painted gray with BMW M stripes completely around, (BMW’s out Corvetts in) 5000k lighting, with flat ceiling panels, 12×12 framed silk screen mountain scene as you drive into garage that lights the scene as your garage is going up, finished with Gray Epoxy sprinkled with gray & white chips with a touch of glitter sprinkled after the process.

    Other than that, you could work on your garage.

  25. Talk to the Service Manager and ask for an explanation for the 15 mile road test and requirement for 104MPH test. Not understanding what type of work was performed, I don’t know why the long road test. The dealership has a lot of liability associated with how their mechanics perform on the property and off the property with customer cars. Either way I can’t imagine the Service Manager would be happy, but should know about it. Mechanics are the face of the dealership’s service department and their actions were hardly commendable. From a personal view point, I would not drive anyone’s car like this unless the owner was with me, gave me permission, and it was a safe place to do it.

  26. The most prudent thing to do is TALK to the service manager about your findings and get your bearings about why this high-speed run was necessary. Persist if it’s covered by your warranty (better get an extended warranty). Store that video in your cloud for mild blackmail (not extortion, though) and hopefully, something good will come out of it.

  27. All these clowns making stupid comments. It’s very simple they are not supposed to drive it in that way it may have been mild but I would talk to the manager and maybe they should just be yelled at.

  28. Hey Everybody. Im glad I stumbled upon this blog and comments sections. First and foremost thank you all for the dialogue on this for I am a strong believer in if we cant talk things through we wont get past it. I respect those that agree with me and those that don’t.

    A little background on me, I grew up lower middle class in Central CA. I was always taught the importance of respect and respecting the things we have worked hard for. Taking care of the things you have because the longer they last the longer you get to enjoy them without having to buy more. Let me get one thing across.. I LOVE THE C8 Corvette.

    When I think about the slogan of it being the “Everyday mans supercar” I think of me. Not born into money but self made thanks to a career in Law Enforcement. This career has also taught me to value my life and enjoy it/appreciate the simple things in it because god forbid one day I wont be here anymore to do so. That and surviving COVID-19 I contracted while arresting a stabbing suspect as well. I went to the ER approximately 6 times because of it and I was off work for months just recovering alone. I had recently overcome the disease prior to getting the call we all wait for and being told you’re corvette is in the productions stage. For me it was the best news I could receive coming from the worst sickness of my life that I am currently still recovering from to this day. (Chest pains only that come and go)

    When I received my 2020 C* Corvette in November of 2020 from the Martins Chevrolet in Torrance CA I was in awe. I picked it up from their showroom floor. Me, My mid engine car… FROM THE SHOWROOM FLOOR.. The GM of Martins Chevrolet shook my hand when I picked it up and told me he ordered his employees to store it inside because of the significance of what this model year of Corvette is. Since I drove it home it has been a dream come true. An accomplishment. A get away from the stresses of work while driving home after a long shift. My get away.

    At the time I took it in for service it had 3,574 miles on it. If you guys have seen my prior videos, no matter the issues I was always very much in love with the car. To my surprise when I picked up the car this past time from the service center in CLovis,CA and I saw the odometer, I noticed almost 20 extra miles. As I reviewed the PDR video, I observed various different times my car was idled in the shop and randomly revved. I was ok with that. I did not mention that because I believed that was possibly for helping in determining issues with the car. Then I watched the video of the long drive that was taken when they took it over 100MPH..

    To my surprise I was hurt by what appeared to be their lack of disregard for my accomplishment. For my supercar. Based on how the passenger was first of all coughing up a storm inside of my car and then seemingly hyping up the driver.. To how they spoke in Spanish about it and others (I am hispanic and speak/understand fluent spanish). Then to add insult to injury what they were saying about Chevy/GM made parts and quality control.. This also hurt because my car has had “modules” replaced supposedly when I have taken it in for service at this said Dealership/Service center two other times. THEN the mechanics/technicians talked about how another mechanic named jake was possibly endangering customers? I felt sick to my stomach and most of all hurt.

    This could have been a mini van I worked for. A sedan. an SUV. I would still have posted the video regardless because of what I observed in the video. Point being, IT WAS NOT OK.

    This issue is still in the process of being resolved. Stay tuned for those that would like to know the outcome of this issue. and like I said before I thank you all for this chance to dialogue and hope that you guys and gals dont have to go through what I did with your vehicles. With your supercars. DRIVE SAFE EVERYONE.

    Also, leave my garage walls alone Ive never had a garage before and didn’t know I had to paint the walls at all. I guess I will plan for that in the near future!

  29. What a joke. These guys were very respectable. Never even 4k. As a tecj was have to take long and sometimes spirited test drives. Were not allowed to break laws but weekly i get a 90mph.lrkblem or it only cuts out at 4200. I won’t speed, lol, but we gotta fix the car. Dealership bull shot. These guys are ok. I see no problem.

  30. Call GM home office in Michigan and speak to the Quality Dept. I believe they have some control over the Dealerships. If you don’t get satisfaction from them. I would call the Dealer and have a meeting with the Owner. If that does not give you satisfaction I would file a complaint with the State Attorney General. They can pull the Dealerships business license.

  31. I really hope you decide just to leave this alone get a couple oil changes out of it but people are talking about dealing with the State Attorney General in pulling licenses and all that would affect quite a few people for the one little 5 Second spirited run this guy did not really worth it Let it go.

  32. Hey Bill. Tell those inconsiderate neighbors to keep their garage doors closed. Hell I got neighbors in a $750k neighborhood who hang their laundry on a portable clothes line in their front driveway.

  33. It’s his car.
    It’s a big deal.
    Fuck y’all.
    If someone took a unauthorized joyride in your car, you’d be pissed. If you say you wouldn’t be, you’re a fucking liar.

    Let’s bang your wife…no big deal right?

  34. Big J sorry but that’s a stupid comment. How can you compare raping a women to to 104 in a C8 for about 2 seconds. This world really is full of kooks. If you’re worried about your car at a dealership, tell the service manager you don’t want the car off the lot unless your in it. LESSON LEARNED.

  35. Not sure BigJ knows what a joyride is. Two kids that stole a car to have fun with it at reckless high speed??? … or in this case two techs trying to resolve this guys issues???
    You may not like their personalities or conversation… or even know what their conversation was about.
    Thanks Merriam-Webster
    1 : a ride taken for pleasure (as in a car or aircraft) especially : an automobile ride marked by reckless driving (as in a stolen car) 2 : conduct or action resembling a joyride especially in disregard of cost or consequences.
    Look at the post picture at the 104 and the road ahead … lightning reflexes needed? Pretty clear. Two techs doing their job. I hope someone finds you in private moments… records your shit… and posts it for the world…. making a big deal over very little. Law enforcement or not… I’m guessing you bought this Vette and have NEVER gone over the posted speed limit. Ya… right! Boring…..

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