[STOLEN] Dallas Woman Has Two Corvettes Stolen from Parking Garage Over Three Month Period


[STOLEN] Dallas Woman Has Two Corvettes Stolen from Parking Garage Over Three Month Period

Fortunately, most of us never have to suffer through the theft of our beloved Corvette.

But what about the case of the Dallas, Texas woman who has experienced that heartbreak TWICE in the past three months?

That’s what has happened to Melissa Anderson, whose Torch Red C7 Corvette Z06 was parked in the parking garage of the AMLI Design District apartments when it was stolen in February.

The replacement car, which even had a locked car cover on it, was then stolen earlier this month, according to a report byNBC 5 reporter Jack Highberger.

“This has been the most expensive mistake I’ve ever made in my life, having over 180k in cars stolen in less than 90 days,” Anderson said.

Anderson believes her building is a target, and who could blame her after police records show 10 reports of motor vehicle theft from 1400 Hi Line Drive?

“It’s a target,” Anderson said. “There is an organized crime operation when it comes to auto thefts and burglary when it comes to this building.”

Despite multiple attempts to reach officials at AMLI Residential Heights by NBC 5, they’ve received no comment about the thefts, according to Highberger.

Anderson claims the apartment company has “dismissed the whole thing,” claiming “they haven’t sent out notices about various crimes happening in our building.”

Let’s hope the third time is the charm for Anderson, and she can enjoy her Corvette without having to worry about it being stolen.

“There are people who love their cars, there are people who are insane about their cars, and there’s me,” she said.


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  1. Poor girl. I hope she finally gets some peace and will be able to enjoy her Corvette without having to constantly checking in on it.

  2. Unreal! Owning a car like the Corvette can also attract people you don’t want to attract. Also I would never park a car like that in any parking garage ever! Find a secure storage facility, or buy a home with a locking garage. I have seen so many cars like that get stolen from parking garages both commercial and residential. And don’t valet park them, or park them anywhere you can’t watch them from a distance. If you give scumbags the opportunity to take advantage of you they will!

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