[VIDEO] The Corvette Mechanic Paul Koerner Takes a Look at a C8 Corvette’s Wiring Harness


[VIDEO] The Corvette Mechanic Paul Koerner Takes a Look at a C8 Corvette's Wiring Harness

Last week we told you about a C8 Corvette with a blown engine that will soon be replaced by our friend Paul Koerner, who is a GM World Class Technician for Key Chevrolet in Middletown, CT. Paul recently shared this video showing an LT2 V8 with multiple holes in the engine block to his Facebook page, The Corvette Mechanic, and we decided to make some popcorn and pull up a seat to watch the show.

After reviewing the damage to the LT2 engine block, Paul noted that some of the shrapnel nicked the wiring harness so this C8 Corvette Stingray will also have that replaced in addition to the new engine. The good news for the owner of this car is that everything will be covered under the GM warranty.

As Paul is waiting for everything to arrive so he can start the repair, he receives the new wiring harness and gives us a rundown and closer look at it. While it looks like “just a bunch of wires, in truth, this is a finely engineered piece of equipment that’s basically made to stay reliable, stay flexible over a long man, many, many, years of usage.

This wiring harness has:

  • Over 100 different connectors
  • 17 different ground sources
  • Multiple module connectors that connect to the engine, transmission, and other locations

Here is Paul with the rundown:

One other point to add to the wiring harness discussion. There are different versions of the harnesses available and the wiring harness you have is dependent on which equipment you have in your Corvette such as Z51, Front Lift, or Magnetic Ride Control.

The Corvette Mechanic / Facebook

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  1. My belated Father was GM’s top Assembly Line Specialist and mechanic for all of his career. In his retirement i got the privilege to listen to his deep knowledge of the automobile industry. He loved to make me guess many facts about all automobiles. His favorite one would be “relative” cost between major components of a vehicle. One i will always remember is which is the most expensive component to the manufacturer to make/produce…. Can you guess?

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