[VIDEO] Here’s a Corvette SUV Rendering We Can Get Behind!


Here's a Corvette SUV Rendering We Can Get Behind!

Photo Credit: Carswap Network

For years now, we’ve been telling you about a rumored broadening of the Corvette lineup that might include an SUV model or models.

Most of the renderings provided thus far by internet designers have been relatively mild, basically Lamborghini or Jaguar versions with a Corvette twist.

But now you can watch this 65-second YouTube Channel video and see how Carswap Network came up with its own idea of a much wilder version of such a Corvette-based all-terrain vehicle that looks like it might be at home on the surface of Mars.

While we don’t expect General Motors to produce a Corvette SUV looking like this, we say why not? Corvettes have always been vehicles that put a smile on the faces of their owners, so it stands to reason that there’s room in the lineup for a fun vehicle as crazy as this.

Over the years, we’ve seen a few Corvettes that have been lifted and fitted with big tires, and we have to admit we really like the resulting aggressive look of those modded vehicles.

Most of the speculation so far has centered on an upscale and very powerful Corvette SUV, but we wouldn’t mind seeing such a more aggressive vehicle that wouldn’t be afraid to climb some rough mountain terrain out West or get down and dirty in some red Georgia clay.


The Laffite X-Road supercar

Autoevolution.com reports that GM has dropped hints about the production of a Corvette SUV at the CES meeting earlier this year, perhaps with a fully electric powertrain, all-wheel drive, a five-door body, and a power liftgate – all part of what is said to be “Project R.” With the automotive world changing exponentially, we believe automakers would be wise to think outside the box and not be afraid to head off in new directions, namely, a Corvette SUV. For validation, just look at all the excitement over the upcoming electric versions of the Hummer.

CarSwap’s rendering draws its inspiration from the Laffite X-Road supercar, launched last year with an expected run of 30 vehicles and priced from $465,000 with a 700-plus horsepower LS3 V8 engine or $545,000 with a fully electric powertrain.

Hopefully, a Corvette SUV like this drawing wouldn’t be nearly that expensive. So would you be willing to buy one if Chevy ever takes the plunge and explodes the Corvette lineup?


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  1. Come on you are kidding right? GM can not build a Corvette as it sits right now. Now you think they can build this monstrosity I can just hear the excuses now. Oh the monstrosity springs got shipped to the delayed EV corvette and the EV batteries are still being mined at our out sourcing plant in cucumunga. But none of this would have happened if it was not for the next flue that is on its way.

  2. There are just TOO many things wrong with this. If they want to head down this path, the only logical direction would be a Camaro ESUV. The Trailblazer was a half-assed attempt and would be more popular if it wasn’t so much more expensive and lesser quality.

  3. Ok! For those that think the Corvette is too low to get in or drive. However, please don’t name it a Corvette. Call something else, anything but ‘not Corvette’ and ‘redisgn the ugly out’ of the one you have posted.

  4. Another point will be it will surely be built in Mexico with the Bowling Green plant to follow. And join the joke of the Blazer.

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