To Overcome Rail Delays, GM Begins Shipping Cars to the West Coast by Auto Transport


To Overcome Rail Delays, GM Begins Shipping Cars to the West Coast by Auto Transport

Photo Credit: Corvette Forum

We’ve got some good news for our Corvette brothers and sisters on the West Coast! From what we’ve heard, GM is going to stop shipping new C8 Corvettes by rail, and instead they will go directly to dealers from the Corvette Assembly Plant by Jack Cooper Transport.

We are hearing that this change may only be a temporary solution due to the current long wait times for shipping by rail, so we’ll be watching this carefully.

Canadian Corvette seller Morgan Crosbie broke the news in his latest video which featured a conversation with a driver for Jack Cooper who mentioned the switch from rail to auto transport when asked what’s new at the plant. The driver says the trip out west takes about 3-4 days which is a huge improvement over the lengthy time frames when shipping by rail.

Our friends at the heard about this and went to work in confirming the news. A source at GM with knowledge of Corvette shipping confirmed that the Corvette Assembly Plant is shipping cars to the West Coast by auto transport.

Corvette customers on the west coast face wait times for their cars that can be four weeks or even longer from when the car was cleared for shipping. The other thing we hate about shipping by rail is that the cars being moved from the transporter to the rail car and then back on a transporter offers additional opportunities for the cars to be blemished or damaged.

But as John at the MECF says, the bean-counters at GM will probably win out in the end once the current shipping situation equalizes. “This is an interim solution; we should not assume that this will be a permanent change as GM constantly strives to keep costs as low as possible and as we know, trucking Corvettes to the west coast is more expensive than by train autoracks.

Here’s the Cars and Crosbie video and the relevant conversation about shipping starts at 3:40 in the video:

Cars and Crosbie and

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  1. I live in Arizona and picked up my 2LT at the Corvette Museum this week. I strongly recommend those not wanting to wait to consider this option.

  2. Picking up at the Corvette factory or museum is the best thing for a Corvette fan. You can drive for the first few miles and enjoy your time with the Corvette right from the start. After 500 miles the power will be activated and then a trip to the west coast via Las Vegas will be terrific. I wish you all Corvette owners all over the world, but especially in the USA, a lot of fun driving the Corvette.

  3. Yes pay over a grand for shipping across the street, pay to pick up your car at the museum 2500 miles from home. Cost 2000.00 bucks. Plane ride to get there, plus gas, food, and hotels to get home. Don’t forget the weather and sand storms along the way. Or add 2 more grand to have it shipped back home and an additional plane ride home. Don’t forget the 10 grand over MSRP you paid. I’m going to pass on those delivery ideas.

  4. Jack Cooper Transport should be made aware the first Corvette facing forward on top of their rigs should have the windshield protected! Why damage a brand new car with road debris that someone has waited months to receive??

  5. Jack in Gig Harbor: Couple things – 1st Jack Cooper is not responsible for the transit wrap, the factory does that, 2nd how would you load the car on a truck with the windshield covered?

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