[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Ends Up in a Rock Pile After Missing Exit


[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Ends Up in a Rock Pile After Missing Exit

Photos of another wrecked 2020 Corvette are making the rounds after a number of photos were shared to a C8 Corvette Owner’s Group on Facebook this week. The photos show the aftermath with the mid-engine sports car sitting in the proverbial “fork in the road” which, unfortunately, was covered by a large pile of rocks.

Already we are hearing some claim the cause of the crash as related to the C8’s issues with understeer, but we’re not really buying that.

Without too much of analysis, the driver appears to have been going a bit too fast to make the exit off the highway and most likely lost traction in the sand and debris that lined the roads and was ultimately stopped by the rock pile. The original poster of the Facebook appears to back that up with his comment about caused the wreck: “Story is passing on the right didn’t see the exit hit sand locked them up and in she went.

[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Ends Up in a Rock Pile After Missing Exit

As we always look for a silver lining in these situations, it appears the driver would have been okay and we don’t see that the airbags were deployed. What’s sad is the Arctic White Stingray was equipped with the rare 5VM Visible Carbon Fiber Aero Kit and that front splitter is what took the brunt of the impact. Hopefully, damage to the car is isolated to the front fascia. The 2020 Corvettes carry some large radiators in the corners of the car, but no telling if they were damaged in the incident.

Driving the mid-engine sports car will be a new experience to many former front-engine Corvette owners. We suggest that all new C8 Corvette owners should take advantage of the discount to attend the Ron Fellow’s Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain where you can learn more about the driving characteristics of the 2020 Corvette Stingray.

[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Ends Up in a Rock Pile After Missing Exit

[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Ends Up in a Rock Pile After Missing Exit

[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Ends Up in a Rock Pile After Missing Exit

C8 Corvette Owners (And Friends) / Facebook

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  1. Real easy to blame the car when the moron driving probably had no idea how to drive a high performance car. Let alone a rear engine which is a completely different sensation.

  2. Absolutely driver error. “Passing on the right” is never a good idea. Hopefully the damage is limited to replaceable fiberglass.

  3. Sorry, I’m afraid this owner will be banned from C8 ownership until he attends the Fellows Driving Academy.
    What the heck, we’re banning everything else! 🙂

  4. Hi Bobert – You are so right-on correct, “we are banning everything else!”, as you said. For example, yesterday, I was banned from the Corvette Forum after my second post of the day. A story from somewhere that I don’t remember redirected me to the Corvette Forum, where a customer went all-out with a new paint job of a well-known green. It looks stunning. I noted some after market black wheels that don’t suit the paint job in my opinion and suggested the factory Tridents in silver with machine face spokes. I also complimented the aftermarket exhaust quads that appeared to be in a black tubular shape. The wing might even have looked even better in body color but the Carbon Flash black looked excellent also. I made a couple of observations, nothing really negative and perhaps a suggestion of two of possibilities. The result is that I was immediately banned by the moderator or whatever the person with authority is called and kicked off the site. My moniker there was, C8Ford, combining the car’s short name and my last name. I agree that this Corvette driver should take the Ron Fellows driving school. I’ve noticed, when driving my new C8, that the feel of the car is different than any car that I’ve ever driven. Further, what the car can do under different driver inputs changes, depending upon a lot of driver choices and selections. Until a person gets used to the car and perhaps receives some professional instruction, the car should be driven with quite a bit of caution. I say this even though I had four years in a Porsche, mid-1970’s and then continuous Porsche ownership since 2010 and last Porsche I retained being a 2012 Carrera 991, with a couple of small power upgrades. I can say that to me, the Corvette, C8, drives a lot differently from my Porsche. I’ve been able to tell that I need to get used to this car to figure how to drive it as safely as possible. I’m not testing the C8 to its limits and I noted that the car, despite being the first mid-engine Corvette sold to the public, still has a lot more capability than I do. Thus far, the only person I’ve seen handle this car to its proximate 95th percentile is SpeedPhenom. AF PS: Hope like heck that the car gets fixed for the owner.

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