[PIC] Digital Artist Envisions an Awe-Inspiring Split Window C8 Corvette


[PIC] Digital Artist Envisions an Awe-Inspiring Split Window C8 Corvette

Photo Credit: Rain Prisk / Facebook

As GM was developing the C8 Corvette, we heard more than one rumor of a split-window design much like the one-year-only 1963 Corvette Sting Ray Sport Coupe.

Unfortuantely, we have never gotten a look at what might have been with designers eschewing the iconic retro design for a more modern and unique look. Making that decision even easier was the fact that Corvette’s first chief engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov hated the split rear window and effectively lobbied designers to have it removed the following year.

But what if the current Corvette Team had followed through on the rumors of a split window for the C8 Corvette? It might have looked like this rendering from digital artist Rain Prisk who has created this awe-inspiring design of the mid-engine Corvette with a split rear window that looks both very modern and yet harkens back to the day when Bill Mitchell was still in charge of designing America’s sports car.

Carried over from the iconic 1963 Corvette is the sloping rear deck, the wrap-around rear glass, the raised spine that travels between the rear windows, and the dual air vents that appear on the b-pillar.

[PIC] Digital Artist Envisions an Awe-Inspiring Split Window C8 Corvette

In fact, today’s integration would have been even easier knowing that engineers were planning to use a rear-facing camera for the rearview mirror. That was Zora’s major complaint about the design which would have been negated with the new technology.

Over the years we have presented a ton of renderings and different takes from designers like Rain who have added their own twist to the C8 mid-engine Corvette. However, this is legitimately the first one that makes me wish that the C8 Corvette came like this from the factory.

Rain Prisk / Facebook via Motor1.com

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  1. I’m okay with the concept of a split window C8. However, IMHO a soft, rounded ’63-type split window like the one shown here doesn’t really fit with the crisp creases everywhere else on the C8. To make it fit better you would either need to come up with a crisper-lined split window design (not really sure what that would look like) or make at least some of the rest of the C8’s lines softer and more rounded (probably the better way to go).

  2. Eliminating the “crisp creases” everywhere is EXACTLY what the C8 needs. This isn’t a bad start.

  3. Ditch the silly taillights and skads of endless, meaningless lines, folds, and creases, and you MIGHT be getting close to something kind of good.

    Suggestion. Keep the structure and running gear, and start from scratch with the body styling. Clean sheet of paper! Bill Mitchell would have BLOWN HIS TOP over the C8. Yes, Bill was an autocrat, but what we have with the C8 is a “focus group” “committee” car.

    I think the Design Committee that gave Pontiac the Azket did the C8. Yes, I’m talking about Breaking Bad’s “Walter White’s” car.

  4. GM should make this guy an offer. IMO, this is one of the very best “Visions” of the C8 to date. I do think it could lose a couple pounds off it’s derrière, but no matter what, all the right angles are there.

  5. Ya, hell ya. Combine with one of the cool wide body kit, oh yes. Rear wing too. The C8 is killer anyway, but this would be a cool option.

  6. That Rendering Is AWESOME! Much Better Than The Current Design.
    I Hope The Powers That Be at GM, Are Observing, and Negotiating…
    – Now I’m Wondering What He Would Do About That Huge, Gaping Big Mouth Up Front? That Is The UGLIEST Thing About The C8.
    I Don’t Understand GM’s Fascination With These Ugly Front Designs.
    They Literally KILLED The Camaro With It…

  7. It would be better with some other color (or lack of color) then “Kitchen Appliance White” The rear end has the same problem as the C7 and stock C8, it’s just to BUSY. Too many lines and angles going every which way. The tail lights don’t help the design.. Keep it a flowing design

  8. It looks nice but they eliminated the upper cooling vents.

    Question? Does the Corvette have a black box like they have in the Tiger Woods car?

  9. Wow ! Maybe you should all apply to GM ; I m sure they would really appreciate all your great input !

  10. Anything with taste would be an improvement over the production design.
    This is one of those improvements!

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