Evansville Police Find Two People Asleep in a Galaxy-Wrapped C6 Corvette with the Engine Running


Evansville Police Find Two People Asleep in Galaxy-Wrapped C6 Corvette with Engine Running

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Well, actually, how about in a galaxy in Evansville, Indiana?

This C6 Corvette with a wild-looking wrap sure looks like it could be from another galaxy like the Milky Way, so with such a nighttime-looking scene surrounding them, who could blame the occupants inside the car for falling asleep?

Police in that city say they responded to a call around 4 a.m. last Thursday from a concerned citizen about a Corvette “being driven recklessly, speeding and swerving down Morgan Avenue” and described the car as “looking like a galaxy.”

Good thing officers didn’t misunderstand the call and mistakenly look for a 1960s Ford Galaxie.

Instead, officers located the customized Corvette stopped for a traffic signal at Boeke and Morgan Avenue, with the driver and passenger sound asleep with the engine running – “not acceptable in any galaxy,” the police department quipped in an Instagram post.

Officers roused up the occupants of the Corvette and then discovered a loaded gun and illegal narcotics and pills inside, whereupon the two dreamers were beamed up to the county jail on unspecified charges. No word on whether Captain Kirk or Spock was on hand to greet them there.

“Fortunately, the ride ended where it did, not resulting in an accident – plus, the narcotics were not used,” the police post continued while praising the joint efforts of the concerned citizen and patrol officers “to keep these two from becoming ‘morning stars’ in a negative way.”

By the way, the “galaxy” Corvette proved to be unregistered and was subsequently towed – “a reminder that illegal conduct can be expensive – and does not pay” in a galaxy like Evansville, Indiana, police said.

Evansville Police Department / Facebook via 14news.com

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  1. Not in any way am I condoning the illegal drug trade, those are very stupid drug dealers. If they didn’t want the attention, why that overtly obvious wrap in an already ostentatious automobile???

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