[VIDEO] $800 C4 Corvette Races a $30,000 Mustang for Bragging Rights


[VIDEO] $800 C4 Corvette Races a $30,000 Mustang for Bragging Rights

Nothing stays the same, yet the only thing constant is change…

That revelation comes to mind while watching a stock 1986 Corvette drag race a slightly modded, 2017 V6 Mustang over on YouTube. Like comparing an old Bell Princess rotary telephone with the latest Android device, it’s an interesting exercise and reveals how far cars have advanced in the last few decades, or have they?

With 30 years difference between these two cars, the hoary old L98 C4 hangs on pretty well with the Mustang. The cars make three runs and while we won’t spoil it for you, we’ll tell you it was close. The Mustang has 320hp compared to 240hp for the ‘Vette, but there’s no replacement for displacement and the C4 wins the torque contest with 330 lb-ft of torque versus the Pony’s 300 lb-ft.

Here’s the kicker, the 1984-1996 Corvette was well ahead of its time and is still a relevant platform for those who want to go fast on the cheap. The Corvette in the video cost $1000 compared to the $30k for the Mustang. A good reason to find the best C4 you can find under $5k.

With a myriad of aftermarket suppliers for the small-block Chevy, it’s relatively easy to make an old C4 a speed demon, whether on the street or autocross. For what is essentially an obsolete platform, Dave McLellan’s brainchild still upholds Corvette’s legacy of the best bang for the buck of any sports car. In that respect, some things never change.


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  1. Pretty cool, I would be embarrassed if I was that Stang owner. How about mods to the Vette then race?? Plus the Vette looks a thousand times better. Just sayin:) But for a V6 it runs pretty damn good, think about the old days when a 300hp 327 Nova or Chevelle or Camaro with a 4 speed was a pretty bad ass street car. These days 4cyl and 6cyl’s are 300hp. Kinda cool.

  2. It would have been interesting to know the transmission that was in the 1986/1988 C4. And we can assume that the Mustang had a manual transmission. And it would be nice to have been told what the quarter mile times/MPH were.

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