North Dakota Woman Enjoying Life in the Fast Lane in Her C4 Corvette


North Dakota Woman Enjoying Life in the Fast Lane with her C4 Corvette
Photo Credit: Dave Wallis/The Forum

Women can be passionate about cars, too.

Take Kristi Zick of Kindred, North Dakota, for example.

She grew up watching her dad, Roger Langlie, work as crew chief for her uncle’s Super Comp dragster team at a track. That’s the same track where she met her husband, Ryan, after first falling in love with his black Camaro.

Kristi’s infatuation with cars began thanks to her father, who helped her fix up a 1986 Corvette, using the car to teach her the basics about things like changing oil and minor repairs.

They even bought a 1993 Corvette together in April 2002, but sadly Roger succumbed to cancer just a few months later so they didn’t have much time to work on the car together.

“We were planning on sharing it,” Kristi says. “It didn’t work out that way. … It’s nice now, because every time I see it or every time I drive it, it reminds me of him. It’s something we loved to do together.

“I’d say my dad is my heart and soul when it comes to cars,” she says. “To be able to carry out that part of him, it means a lot to me.”

Since his death, she joined the Northern Lights Corvette Club in honor of her father and has even been known to drag race the ’Vette.

“Racing to me, it’s such an adrenaline rush. It’s something not everybody does, which is fun for me,” she says.

She plans to pass on her love for cars to her two young sons and says if they do happen to enjoy her passion, “that would be a great family thing for us to do as they get older,” she says.

Another Fargo, North Dakota woman, Tanya Robideau, also traces her love of cars to her father, Paul Hornbacher, as she watched him fix up hot rods from the 1930s – bringing them from a bucket of rust to a shiny classic that looked like it just came out of the showroom.

Her love for cars has even turned into a business that she and her husband operate, Dakota Chassis Work that specializes in frame repair. Tanya also does pinstriping not just on cars but once even on a tricycle and refrigerator.

They’re a true car family as they own a 1992 Corvette that her husband won. Tanya once owned a 1964 Ford Galaxy 500, and her father surprised her mom with a 1968 Camaro SS on their anniversary last year. There’s a third generation on the way up, too, as Tanya says her 9-year-old daughter is a “car nut just like I am.”

Being around the old cars has made her appreciate just historic they are.

“The more connected you get into cars, the more people you know and really get to connect with,” she says. “There’s so much history there. Once these cars are gone, the history is gone. It’s sort of like you’re doing your part to keep history.”

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