Corvettes on eBay: Custom 1968 Corvette With a Bit of Mustang


Corvettes on eBay: Custom 1968 Corvette With a Bit of Mustang

If you like the looks of a bunch of different cars and can’t decide exactly which one you want to buy, then maybe this 1968 Corvette custom might be just the ticket for you.

This Stingray started out in St. Louis as a convertible, but sometime during the past 51 years, it morphed into a creature that’s instantly recognizable as a Corvette – or is it a Mustang Shelby – or is it a 1970s Vega?

This one-of-a-kind Corvette could be yours if you’re the lucky bidder on, where 10 bids have upped the ante to $1,775 – with the reserve still not met.

Corvettes on eBay: Custom 1968 Corvette

Someone apparently had a lot of different parts that they wanted to use on this car. The front end is instantly recognizable as a 1980 Corvette, but the rear end has Mustang rear glass and backup lights and Shelby style taillights.

Under the hood is a “healthy running” 350 from a 1975 model and the car also received some other mechanical upgrades last year, including a four-barrel Holley, double-hump heads, and 525 valve lift comp cam. The car sports a four-speed transmission and four-wheel power disc brakes, and a new clutch and some brake work have also been done.

Corvettes on eBay: Custom 1968 Corvette

The interior is basically stock, from the seats forward, but the addition of the Mustang rear glass opened up a pretty nice area behind the seats that actually allowed the fitting of a rear seat. And you thought Corvettes were just for two people!

Naturally, on a car this old, there are a few things that don’t work. For instance, we noticed right off that the headlights are up in every photo of the exterior, and that wasn’t just because the owner likes the way that looks – apparently the vacuum system has a few bugs that need to be worked out. The speedometer works but part of the needle is broken, and the power windows are still operable but need a little assist from your hand to make it all the way up. The radio will pick up classic rock tunes from the ‘60s, but you’ll need to buy a new antenna to get better reception. And then you might also want to just drive this car in warm sunny weather as unfortunately the heater and wipers are both inoperable. The good news is that the air conditioning isn’t broken – this car is equipped with my wife’s favorite option – Astro Ventilation (the way my old ’71 LT1 came).

Corvettes on eBay: Custom 1968 Corvette

The body and frame are described as “solid” by the seller, and the glass is “good” except for a couple of scratches in the driver glass.

All in all, the seller sums it up by saying “the work they have done looks like it was done right. It would be a good driver as is with just a little work. Body actually needs to be fully repainted.”

Corvettes on eBay: Custom 1968 Corvette

We do like the look of the rear louvers over that Mustang glass, and with a new paint job, this one would be the talk of your next cruise-in.

So how much would you pay for this car that, as Johnny Cash famously sang, was put together a piece at a time?

Better hurry, though – the auction ends at 11:20 p.m. Sunday.

Corvettes on eBay: Custom 1968 Corvette

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  1. Mitch, if your wife’s favorite option is Astro Ventilation, she’ll love this commercial!
    Only seen ONE of these EVER in the flesh in 50 years with that optional front end!
    The rarest production Chevy of ALL!
    Oddly, Impala & other big chevy’s did NOT get astro ventilation in ’68, nor did Caprice 4 doors.
    ONLY the coupe. & of course some smaller Chevys.

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