[PODCAST] Meet Bitchin’ Rides Star Dave Kindig on the Corvette Today Podcast


[PODCAST] Meet Bitchin' Rides Star Dave Kindig on the Corvette Today Podcast

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On this week’s episode of the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast, Steve Garrett introduces you to the star of Bitchin’ Rides on MotorTrend TV, Mr. Dave Kindig!

Get a “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to film a show like Bitchin’ Rides from the man himself. Dave talks about his humble beginnings, how he taught himself design sketching, car fabrication and how he built his business and his shop from the ground up. It’s a fascinating story that you won’t want to miss.

Plus, Dave is a Corvette guy too. He talks about past Corvette builds, future Corvette projects, and his favorite Corvettes to date. By simply listening to this podcast, you can tell that Dave Kindig is truly one of the nicest car guys you’ll ever meet. And his talent, car design, and build quality are unmatched. You’ll love this episode of CORVETTE TODAY….promise!

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  1. I do like the show but what he does to most cars is to far out for me. Plus you have to have a quarter of a million dollars just to walk through the door.

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