Latest Constraints for 2021 Corvette Orders


Latest Constraints for 2021 Corvette Orders

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Even though the Corvette Assembly Plant is closed this week due to a parts shortage, Chevrolet dealers are busy working to line-up their allocations for the latest order cycle. Unfortunately, there are two new options that have been added to the constraints list and are unavailable during this order period.

The 5DF Black Trident Wheels have been unavailable for the last month or so, and are still 100% constrained. Joining them are the STI Rocker Extensions and the RZ9 Carbon Fiber Grille Insert.

The STI Rocker Panel Extensions are the black-textured rocker panels that are added to help protect the sides of the car from rock chips and other debris. You can see a photo of it on the car above. They are normally priced at $550 and for owners that have to have them, we suggest hitting some of the aftermarket sellers by searching for GM Part #84254466.

The grille inserts are designed to provide “pedestrian protection” and Chevy offers them in the standard Carbon Flash or you can upgrade to the RZ9 Carbon Fiber versions. The RZ9 versions were termed late availability during last year’s rollout so many have yet to seem on a car in person. The list price on these is $1,995 and you might be able to find them through a third party reseller by searching for GM Part #84574682.

RZ9 Carbon Fiber Grille Inserts

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  1. why the hell doesn’t GM try building the car with parts from reliable vendors? If the car is going to cost a few hundred dollars more to use domestic products so be it. Enough of the BS that the car cant be built because that is a shortage of widgets because the plant is over run with locusts!!!!

  2. Lets face it: Covid is the wild card that can make an otherwise reliable supplier unreliable. Covid doesn’t just affect you & me, it affects EVERYTHING. Even the C8.

  3. I believe George C. has it pretty much covered. This car is on its way to being legendary. AF

  4. A lot of production (if al cars) has been stopped/delayed due to a shortage of chips. When car sales slumped due to COVID and people started staying home, video game console sales shot up and chip manufacturers switched to making chips for the consoles.

  5. Have been seeing much larger shipments of backordered accessories at museum lately. Some being installed minutes before car leaves. Our PDI people do a terrific job!

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