[VIDEO] Wrapped C8 Corvette Makes Snow Angels in Front of a Chevy Dealership


[VIDEO] Wrapped C8 Corvette Makes Snow Angels in Front of a Chevy Dealership

Photo Credit: andrewgee15 / Instagram

Need a mid-day break? Check out this C8 Corvette doing some donuts in the parking lot of a Chevy dealership!

There’s nothing like a little snow on the ground to make hooning your mid-engine Corvette so much easier and you have the added benefit of not burning up that expensive Michelin rubber as well.

This Corvette has been wrapped in “chrome turquoise” which looks very eerie under the gray skies and white sparking lot. The Stingray’s entire top is done in black and with the tinted windows, there’s no telling who is driving it. You have to wonder, was the driver at the dealership for business, or just to provide some needed entertainment during another Polar Vortex?

Fun stuff for sure, but I sure hope he has the WeatherTech floor mats with all that shush on the ground!

andrewgee15 / Instagram

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  1. TG Nice green looks a lot better than red, white or silver all it needs is chrome wheels . hopefully next year they will have green added to the color line up .


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