[VIDEO] Last 2020 Corvette is a No Sale at Mecum Kissimmee


[VIDEO] Last 2020 Corvette is a No Sale at Mecum Kissimmee

Photo Credits: Jeremy Welborn

It obviously pays to be first.

That’s the takeaway from last weekend’s Mecum Auction, where the owner of the last 2020 Corvette produced turned down a high bid of $140,000.

Personally, we would have taken the money and run.

You may remember VIN 001 wound up going for $3 million at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction in January 2019, with enthusiast and car dealership owner Rick Hendrick reaching deep in his pockets for the honor of having the very first mid-engine production Corvette in his garage.

Apparently, the final production 2020 doesn’t carry as much clout.

[VIDEO] Last 2020 Corvette is a No Sale at Mecum

Despite being offered nearly double the sticker price, the seller refused to take $140,000 for the historic car, though there are some who feel it’s not really all that noteworthy.

The Bowling Green Assembly Plant completed the Sebring Orange Convertible on Dec. 14, complete with the top-of-the-line 3LT package that includes GT2 Nappa leather seats, carbon fiber, suede trims, and more color on the dash.

Some feel it would have been more valuable had the owner checked the box for the Z51 Performance Package that includes Brembo brakes, suspension upgrades, an electronic limited-slip differential, aero components like a front splitter and rear spoiler, heavy-duty cooling, and Michelin summer-only tires.

He didn’t, though.

Now, with the prices starting to fall a little bit on used 2020s, thanks to increased production of the 2021s, we’re not really surprised that the final production 2020 didn’t go for a humongous price – though $140,000 would still have offered a nice profit for the owner. By the way, two other 2020 Stingrays did sell at Mecum – a 3LT non-Z51 Black convertible for $115,500 and a 2LT Z51 Arctic White coupe for $129,250.

Do you think the last 2020 will be worth more in the long run? If it had been the last of the front-engine Corvettes in 2019, maybe, but the last 2020 isn’t really all that significant. We think in the months to come, the owner of this car may regret turning down such a big price.

Photos and video by Jeremy Welborn

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  1. Like you said I would have taken the money and ran. Use the profit to put towards a real vette! you know the one with the motor in front and the stick in the middle that you have to move every few seconds till you reach cruising speed 🙂

  2. I love my C8, but if someones was giving $140,000 for it I would say here’s the keys. My car cost almost 10k more than his and I would sell it for $120,000 and just order another one.

  3. the owner most likely overpaid for the C8 & $140k is either to close to what he paid or isn’t enough to cover the loan payoff for the vehicle.

  4. It didn’t sell because they wanted two times the price for one C8. Greed is more for less. Like a $15.00 minimum wage is devaluing everyone that worked hard to make $15.00 or more and now government want to give away what everyone that got those higher wages had to work for. That C8 owner needs to let us all know 5 years from now when it is sold for a little over $50,000.00!

  5. That guy is an idiot, jut because it is the last 2020, it’s not the last of that generation, the very 1st ones and the very last ones, tend to go for way over sticker, but not just the last of a production year, as others have said, as more of these get on the road, the price is dropping. Hey J-Thom, he most likely paid cash for it when he got it, or had one hell of a down payment if he paid a lot over the sticker price, i don’t know of any bank that will loan you the money for a car that cost over sticker price, because if the guy totals the car in a week, the insurance company will not pay you $120,000 for a car that has a original price of lets say, $85,000, Yo Bill, Mc, I have to disagree with you on a C8 not being a REAL VETTE, the Corvette itself is a Sports car and even though there are people that act like, just because it isn’t a stick, doesn’t mean it’s not a sports car, the new Vette will run circles over the older generations on a race track. I want one of these, but am waiting a few years when i can buy one for sticker or lower and yes I do own one of those that, in your opinion is a “Real Vette”, one that I have to move that little stick in the middle to get to cruising speed, but I only have to shift it 3 times because it’s a 63.

  6. Yo Phil nice that you have a 63 only about 919 3 speeds built. My cruise will run circles around my 67 as well. I have a 15 as well and it is the best car I have ever driven. Try one of them as well as the 20 see what you think.

  7. Without knowing what the consigner paid for it originally, it definitely seems like he should have taken the money and headed for the exit!

    Bottom line: that Vette will never be worth more than it is now, and he’ll never get another offer higher than $140K.

    I know what I would have done. Lift the reserve and SELL!

  8. @ Rob…………or a C7 ZR1 that’s faster and have a LOT of $$$ left over. It cost the greedy owner to run it through Mecum and now he will probably run it through B-J for even more $$$. I hate greedy people, I hope he loses his ass on this car. He was dumb not to get the Z51 option.

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