The Final 2020 Corvette Will Be A Sebring Orange Convertible Wearing VIN #19456


The Final 2020 Corvette Stingray Will Go To A Customer

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

We’ve seen over the years how the first and last Corvettes from a model year are coveted by collectors, and that’s especially true during the first model year of a new Corvette generation.

When the 2020 Corvette production kicked off back in February, the first Stingray off the line, a Black Z51 Coupe, was already spoken for as Chevy dealer and NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick paid $3 million to purchase the first car with proceeds going to charity.

We have also seen the final production car of a model year also bring in serious coin. The last C7 Corvette was sold at Barrett-Jackson raised $2.7 million for charity.

So now that we are in the final week of 2020 Corvette production, we’ve learned that the final 2020 Corvette Stingray to come off the line will wear VIN #19456 and it’s a Sebring Orange Convertible.

That car was ordered through our friends at Van Bortel Chevrolet in upstate New York and the good news is that Chevrolet is letting it go to a customer instead of offering it for charity or keeping it for themselves.

We spoke with one of our friends on the Corvette Team who told us that wrapping up production for customers was the priority for the team and that there just wasn’t any time to really do something special with the final car from 2020.

With all the waiting and heartache that customers have gone through this year, it’s nice to see the Corvette Team so determined to get out customer cars through the very end.

Congratulations to the owner of #19456 for the honor of receiving the final 2020 Corvette. And thanks to the Chevy Corvette Team for making this happen by putting customers first!

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  1. I thought they made 20,368 C8 Corvettes. That is the figure I have seen. So, how can the last car be #19,456?

  2. The 912 cars that they had to crush because of bad valve springs, popping hoods, two-tone boomerangs, etc., had their VINs reassigned.

  3. Having read material all year, leading to this point, the difference among or between the 19456 number and the 20368 number includes cars built without a VIN that may have a different designation. One article mentioned two different VIN # 1’s, accounting for a grand total of one number difference. Then, in addition, one member mentioned the 912 cars that were crushed due to various defects resulting in reassigned VIN’s. It would appear, that should lead to higher number of VIN’s, unless the VIN’s of the destroyed cars were later reassigned to cars which were not as yet built. Certain Press cars and certain test mules apparently were also destined for the crusher. I like Chuck’s question regarding the actual day that the last 2020 C8 will be built. At one point, December 8 was to be the start of the 2021’s. However, I heard that this was extended for days or one week to complete the 2020’s. GM is close enough to being on schedule so that the 15th (or before) should be the drop dead date for building 2020’s. I’d bet on before. Looks like that last one is a convertible. A lot of people thought that a lot more convertibles would be built than were built. Seeing that engine in the rear trumps the convenience of having another 100+ pounds of motors and superstructure in the convertible model, I would guess. AF

  4. The 20368 is how many customer ordered cars were going to be built for customers after all the delays. Now they are only making 19456. These numbers have nothing to do with early test or experimental cars. Retail sales.

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