[PICS] First Customer-Owned 2021 Corvette In Silver Flare Delivered


[PICS] First Customer-Owned 2021 Corvette In Silver Flare Delivered

Photo Credits: Adam Ellison

Congratulations to our friend Adam Ellison who took delivery of a 2021 Corvette wearing the new Silver Flare exterior. Adam is a James Bond fan so it was no surprise to us that his Corvette wears the customer-ordered VIN of #007.

The skies were a little overcast when Adam stopped by the National Corvette Museum where these photos were taken and so we’re looking forward to a follow-up photo shoot under blue skies and bright yellow sun!

[PICS] First Customer-Owned 2021 Corvette In Silver Flare Delivered

The 7th Corvette built for the 2021 model year was completed on Monday, December 14th. His ’21 Corvette features the aforementioned Silver Flare Metallic exterior paired with the Adrenaline Red and Black two-tone interior. Other options include the Carbon Flash open spoke wheels, Red brake calipers and of course, the PIN RPO for the customer-requested VIN. Adam ordered the car without the Z51 package as he told us he liked the looks of the rear deck without the spoiler.

[PICS] First Customer-Owned 2021 Corvette In Silver Flare Delivered

Prior to the start of the 2021 model year, Corvette Team members told us that the new exterior colors (Silver Flare and Red Mist) were going to be ramped up once production is underway. We’ve also heard from a couple of new owners that their Red Mist Corvettes have also been completed so looking forward to seeing those out as well.

Congratulations again Adam on the new Corvette and hopefully, we’ll be able to check out next April at the NCM Bash!

[PICS] First Customer-Owned 2021 Corvette In Silver Flare Delivered

Photo Credits: Adam Ellison

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  1. Agree re the rear deck – no Z51 on my order either. Also don’t want summer-only tires – too constraining for a non-tracked car.

  2. Silver has always been my preferred Vette body… Red accented interior. Going back to Mid-year Sebring Silver, red interior, knockoffs and side pipes….. A dream never realized. This C8 is bright and very silver and the red works inside…. but those wheels lend nothing to its overall look. Looks like two large empty places that wouldn’t be that way if there was silver/chrome in those spaces. A no-tires look. Car’s don’t levitate, at least not yet. It’s why God created Chrome.

  3. Nice color! The black wheels against the bright silver paint complement each other well! I always thought the C3 looked better in silver than any other generation of the Corvette.

  4. “Ramped up”. Does that mean the silver flare and red mist 2021’s on order might be built first? I still don’t have a build date estimate for my 2021 silver flare ordered in September. It would be a dream come true if I might actually get the car this spring!

  5. My 2021 Silver Blade Convertible went to be made. Will have it late Feb. I think I may have gotten ahead of the line for I paid $15,000 over list but at 83 how many years can I enjoy it. Looked at all similar cars but were well over$110,000 and for the price I paid nothing compared.

  6. I too think the spoiler detracts from the aesthetics of the aft deck and rear. Already wide to accommodate the large trunk, the spoiler just makes it look wider.
    Pity that it seems that it is not possible to get the Z51 package without the spoiler short of some rather expensive post delivery body work or unsightly plugs int the mounting holes.

  7. Oh, and Adam’s blade silver with black and red accents color choice looks great. I’m sure he will be having a great time with it for years to come.

  8. @James – The personalized VIN is an extra $5000 and yes, it can help secure an earlier build but that is dependent on when the order went in and availability. – Keith

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