[VIDEO] Take a POV Drive in the Snow in a C8 Corvette Convertible


[VIDEO] Take a POV Drive in the Snow in a C8 Convertible Convertible

With the weight distribution of the C8 Corvette having a rear weight bias of 60/40, the handling characteristics of the car are greatly improved as all that extra weight sits right over the rear axle to provide plenty of traction. That weight distribution really comes in handy when the weather conditions turn bad. And now that Michelin all-season tires are offered on the car, there’s no reason to park the car all winter. It just takes some courage!

Here’s a fun review of the C8 Corvette Convertible equipped with the all-season Michelins driving around on various snow-covered roads. We’ve featured a previous video from the creator who films in POV with no talking…ever. Not so awkward when it’s just the driver in the car, but in this case, the passenger doesn’t talk either. Together they take a ride in a Shadow Gray C8 Convertible with the top both up and down, and the only sound is the LT2 engine as the car glides across the snow.

After getting a little slippy in the snow, the duo finds some cleared roads for some spirited driving and then they wrap it all up with a few donuts in the snow.

Watching the driver having fun in the snow with his C8 Corvette almost makes me wish I stayed in northern Indiana instead of moving to Florida all those years ago. But, it was because of the snow that I moved. So go figure…

Winding Road Magazine

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  1. I was driving my C8 the top down in the snow yesterday. With the heat on and the heated seats and steering wheel it’s very comfortable. No wind buffeting if you put the side windows up and the rear window down. Glad to have the all season tires and winter mode.

  2. Question — with the new dual clutch transmission in manual mode, can you start from a stop in a higher gear than 1st, to get better off the line traction on snowy/icy roads?

  3. Driver is inept and careless on so many levels, not to mention his lack of care of his C8 (Note: filthy drivers seat bottom) or his inability to drive on snowy road. Sad, but I’m sure he’s proud of his contribution to social networking!

  4. Driver is definitely crazy and reckless, even in “weather” mode. He cold have hurt people on that main road.

    Also, this is NOT his own car… it has Michigan Manufacturer’s license plates.


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