2021 Corvettes Now Shipping to Dealers


2021 Corvettes Now Shipping to Dealers

Photo Credits: Jeremy Welborn

We got some more good news regarding Corvette production over the weekend as we’ve learned that the 2021 Corvettes are now shipping. Not only have they started shipping but some dealers have already announced their arrivals!

Why this is great news is that these first 2021 orders are supposed to go to those who had an order for a 2020 Corvette but unfortunately didn’t make the cut due to the COVID-19 shutdown. We were hearing that the cars were subject to a quality control hold so it’s great news that some of these “bumped” customers will actually get to enjoy their 2021s this year.

Yesterday we read on the Corvette Action Center that MacMulkin has five 2021 Corvette picked up by Jack Cooper Transport and are currently inbound. Earlier today, Mike Furman confirmed on his facebook page that his first 2021s are on a truck as well.

Our friend Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti announced today that he had two 2021 Corvettes dropped off first thing this morning. His two cars are both Torch Red Convertibles and their VIN sequence numbers are #85 and #437.

2021 Corvettes Now Shipping to Dealers

The Corvette Assembly Plant is normally scheduled to be off this week but instead, they are running both shifts through Wednesday before breaking for the holidays. Those three days should add close to an additional 500-600 Corvettes to the 2021 total. Again, great news!

Following the holiday break, the Corvette Plant will pick up where they left off on January 4th.

Thanks again to all those involved from the Corvette Team to the assembly plant employees, as well as those at Jack Cooper Transportation for all the great work you do in making Corvette Dreams come true!

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  1. My Torch Red 3LT HTC C-8 is to be built on Tuesday 12/22/2020 # 1184,
    then its, Truck-Train-Truck to Nevada.

  2. How did you find out when your corvette was being produced? I received a notice my TPW is this week for my Torch Red z51 HTC. I live in Indiana so it will have to sit in the garage for a few months.

  3. Merry Christmas! GM will probably find some way to drop the ball once again in 2021 with the Corvette. Recalls, delays, and supplier shortages will probably make thing’s quite difficult for any future buyers of the 2021 Corvette.

  4. Optimism isn’t based on any kind of reality. GM has screwed things up royally with how they handled the whole C8 process. Just ask all the people who never got the cars they ordered. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. why can nobody give a straight answer as when i might know anything about my c8 order that was placed in jan 2020 and is paid in full, does anyone at gm not care. i hope i am not asking to much since it is already paid for in full.

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