[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Wrecks at 115 MPH, Looks Sad On This Old Chevy Tow Truck


[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Wrecks at 115 MPH, Looks Sad On This Old Chevy Tow Truck

Photo Credit: William Wyatt

We told you yesterday about the man who traded his < AHREF="https://www.corvetteblogger.com/2020/12/09/corvette-owner-who-traded-his-c8-for-mitsubishi-outlander-has-people-scratching-their-heads/">Rapid Blue 2020 Corvette for a Mitsubishi Outlander this week.

We thought that might be the saddest sight a Corvette enthusiast could ever see.

Today, we bring you something that might be even sadder: #3031 of the 2020 Corvettes – this time in the darker shade known as Elkhart Lake Blue – on the back of a classic Chevy flatbed truck after a horrendous accident.

[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Wrecks at 115 MPH

But while this Stingray has morphed into a tangled mess of fiberglass, metal and rubber after being driven just 532 miles, the good news is that the two occupants survived the crash that reportedly occurred at 115 mph!

Coupled with another earlier crash in which a 2020 Corvette was T-boned and the occupants walked away, we are inclined to believe that Tadge Juechter and his team of engineers have really done themselves proud with the way they made the new mid-engine Stingray not only beautiful and fast, but also apparently one tough and safe vehicle!

[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Wrecks at 115 MPH

In fact, it’s been reported by William Wyatt on the Facebook group Wrecked Muscle Cars and Classics that the Elkhart Lake Corvette shown here “was rough to start, but it’s up and going now.”

Can you believe that somehow the engine survived a crash like this? Of course, no surprise really considering that the 2009 “Blue Devil” ZR1 that fell into the sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum in 2014 cranked right up after crews extricated it from the rubble!

[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Wrecks at 115 MPH

As for the Elkhart Lake Blue Stingray, It’s believed to be the 2LT model that was sold by Copart on Nov. 20, where the auction website had listed its estimated original retail value at $70,525. We’d love to know what the car actually brought after the crash, though with the engine still in operating order, it could have been several thousand dollars.

What’s your take out there? Would you still want a virtually brand new LT2 engine after it’s been in a horrific crash, and do you think there are any other parts of the car worth salvaging?


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  1. Are they selling C8’s to high school kids now? I’m beginning to wonder with all the crashes
    Same old story..high performance car…low performance driver…

  2. Amazing that the motor was salvageable, bet the trans wasn’t. Also REALLY amazing that the occupants survived the crash. Spring Mountain should be MANDATORY before being allowed to buy a car like this, also maybe some kind of mental evaluation and a minimum IQ.

  3. What a shame, looks like it could be a back to the future scene, 2020 Corvette time machine goes back to 1965 and crashes. I think that mid 60’s Chevy rollback is pretty cool.

  4. well with the automatic transmission and not having to actually know how to drive a car I am not surprised that these idiots are wrecking these cars. When you have to shift a car to get up to speed you have more respect for the power that you were given. You also learn how to slow a car down with your transmission and your brakes at the same time. this idiot probably went into a turn and had no idea what to do jammed the brakes and spun the car and hit a few 100 year old oak trees that are not going anywhere.

  5. It would have been nice to get some details on the actual crash. Too fast around a corner, hit another vehicle, another vehicle hit it, fell asleep, whatever.

  6. I can’t believe that anybody could survive a crash like that running 115 mph. It seems like they would at least have severe internal injuries and crush injuries.

  7. One sees all sorts of accidents recorded and posted on YouTube. The majority appear to be people who, like one of the comments above, have a high performance car with a low performance driver. To my knowledge, there was no Spring Mountain school when I bought my C6. I took a friend who has had multiple Vettes with me when I took Museum delivery. He commented that if you don’t know “how” to drive a Corvette, they can kill you in a flash. I agreed after driving the car home with him. When I bought my C7, I went to “owner’s school” at Spring Mountain. NOW…I learned how to drive and take care of the thing. Stuff I learned has actually saved my butt in my C7 and my Acura! As an airline flight instructor, I have to know how things work! I went back for Level 1 and REALLY learned stuff about the car’s handling. My C8 has been on order for a year (ordered HTC) and I can guarantee you that I will be in Nevada to learn about the C8 so I can (hopefully) prevent accidents like we’ve seen!

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