[ACCIDENT] First Crash Involving a 2020 Corvette Convertible?


[ACCIDENT] First Crash Involving a 2020 Corvette Convertible?

Photo Credits: Tim Shifflet

This is the one contest that nobody wants to win, but accidents do happen. In this case, the automotive gods have claimed what may be the first C8 Corvette hardtop convertible to be totaled in a crash.

Tim Shifflet was driving his Rapid Blue Stingray Convertible in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday when he was rear-ended while taking an exit off the highway by a “big white company van.”

He tells the story on the C8 Corvette Facebook Group:

Clear it up for you… Yes we were hit in the rear exiting 270 to 315 Saturday am. Order in August 2019, delivered September 25, 2020, died Saturday 11/14/2020. Services for family and close friends TBA. 1200 miles total.

[ACCIDENT] First Crash Involving a 2020 Corvette Convertible

Like previous C8 Corvette owners who have also been involved in a crash, Tim gives a shoutout to GM about the safety aspects of the car, saying “FYI, for what’s it worth.. slid across 2 lanes into the guard rail, no airbags deployed, no glass broken, [car’s] body exploded but the wife and I walked away without a scratch. Thanks GM for building it right!”

The photos of the Rapid Blue Corvette show how the rear end took the hit on the left corner. The rear fascia is completely destroyed while the rear deck has been pushed up and forward into the cabin, and no telling the mechanical damage under the engine cover. There is also damage to the front as the car bounced off the guard rail.

[ACCIDENT] First Crash Involving a 2020 Corvette Convertible

Now that he has dealt with the realities of the accident, Tim called his dealership and unfortunately the news didn’t get any better. “Talked to my dealer and was told probably on the 2022 list now!!!☹️”

We are predicting that the 2021 models will be in demand as much as the 2020s and so the dealer is correct in bracing Tim for the bad news that he’s probably looking at a 2022 model instead. The good news there is that is when the C8 Z06 is expected to arrive, so there may be a silver lining after all.

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  1. One would think that maybe GM would put them to the top of the list!, after all they have time to build right hand drive!

  2. c8 pull out in front of him cause its hard to see out of c8 . car mags say even with lane change camera you are on your own,,,,,just sayin……

  3. I have been driving mid years for over 40 years and they too have a blind spot when changing lanes. You quickly learn that basically a few seconds after you pass the car next to you you can safely move over. The same will have to be learned in the mid engine

  4. The rear view camera is wide angle if this is a 2LT and if you have it on you can see across about 6 lanes of traffic. In addition the 2LT blind spot monitors on both out side rear view mirrors. If this was a 1LT Convertible I guess the owner made his choice when he ordered his car. Any C8 can get out of the way on an on ramp if you are paying attention. Hope the driver didn’t run a yield sign when he got this result. Most drivers don’t know the meaning of the word Yield, they think it means, “Look Out Here I Come!”

  5. Yes, we had the Rear View mirror camera, and Yes you can see everything! And YES there is a HUGE blind spot there that the camera picks up nicely. But old school folks will still swing a peak over the shoulder as I did.
    It happened Fast, paused for just a second to look at The Blind spot, and BOOM.
    1 more second and we would have been out of the way, Down the Road!
    That second it took to look will haunt me forever, as My car was Totaled out yesterday by the body shop, so we are back on a waiting list.
    BLIND SPOT is Real!! That Car was Amazing

  6. Best it was totaled; if it wasn’t, it never would have been the same. Get your name on the list for one of the first Z06’s, it will be worth it.

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