[PODCAST] Corvette Designer Kirk Bennion Makes His Appearance on the Corvette Today Podcast


[PODCAST] Corvette Designer Kirk Bennion Makes His Appearance on the Corvette Today Podcast

Host Steve Garrett of the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast managed to snag yet another key member of General Motors’ Corvette Production Team to be this week’s guest. Joining him in the studio for a lively conversation is Corvette Exterior Design Manager Kirk Bennion!

Steve Garrett brings in another key member of the Corvette Team, Kirk Bennion, for the CORVETTE TODAY podcast. Kirk and his team are responsible for the design and looks of the new mid-engine Corvette! Kirk has been with General Motors for over 36 years and started working on the Corvette team in the C4 era.

Steve and Kirk reminisce about Kirk’s path to GM, when he and his staff started working on the design of the C8, what Kirk’s favorite design elements of the mid-engine C8 Corvette are, what his favorite generation of Corvette is and what outside influences come into the design of Corvette.

It’s a fabulous listen from an A-List member of the Corvette Team-meet Kirk Bennion, Corvette’s Exterior Design Manager on CORVETTE TODAY!

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