[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Owner’s Close Encounter with a Deer Caught on the PDR


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Owner's Close Encounter with a Deer

We’ve seen the damage that can happen to a Corvette when it strikes a deer along the highway. Hitting such a large animal can be a traumatic experience for the owner (and the deer!). At least in this instance, it looks like everybody is a-ok!

A member of a Facebook Group C8 Corvette Owners shares his close encounter with a large deer as he was driving his 2020 Corvette Stingray through his neighborhood and it was caught on video thanks to his PDR being in the Dash Cam mode.

Tom Mezger tells the story:

Well it was bound to happen. I hit a deer today. I was only going 25 mph but our neighborhood is loaded with deer. Fortunately, the only evidence is it a few hairs between the headlight and front fender. I only saw a brown blur as it ran from the left side of the road and bounced off the fender and hood. I can’t be sure if the Xpel helped but I found no paint damage. The deer ran off into the woods so I don’t think it was hurt.

Tom tells the C8 Facebook Group that he feel’s very lucky considering what could have happened, “I washed it after I got home and look very carefully at the paint and headlight. Nothing seems to be damaged. I feel very lucky.” He shows this close up photo with the Corvette’s headlight which shows a few deer hairs along the edge of it:

[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Owner's Close Encounter with a Deer Caught on the PDR

We’d say that Tom is very lucky indeed. About a year ago, we shared this story of a 2020 Corvette hitting a large buck on the highway resulting in the total destruction of the Corvette’s windshield.

State Farm estimates that nearly 2 million vehicles collide with deer during a 12-month period and so you know that if there are a lot of deer in your neck of the woods, it’s only a matter of time before you have your own story to tell.

Tom Mezger / YouTube

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  1. And friends wonder why I rarely drive my ’07 Z06. And then there’s the average motorist eating, putting on make-up, talking or worse, texting on their little electronic device that’s the center of their life.

  2. Why I gave up riding a motorcycle this year after a 60 year run!
    Lost several riding buddies to deer.
    Still very cautious dawn or dusk when driving the Miata or 911.
    Glad this one worked out !

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