[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette vs Tesla Model Y Face-Off for a Drag Race and Track Attack


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette vs Tesla Model Y Face-Off for Drag Race and Track Attack Time

Sometimes numbers aren’t everything.

The recent matchup by the guys at The Fast Lane Cars between a 2020 Corvette hardtop convertible and a Tesla Model Y Performance is a prime example.

The all-electric Tesla with AWD did put up some impressive figures, even managing to beat the mid-engine Stingray from 0 to 60 at one mile above sea level, 3.93 to 4.17 seconds. The Corvette earned some revenge in a Hot Lap around the track, however, setting a course record of 1:00.04 compared to the Tesla’s still very impressive 1:02.85 that ranks eighth on TFL’s all-time list.

Tesla Model Y

“It’s so weird watching a Tesla go around the track,” says TFL host Roman. “There’s just no sound – you can listen to the birds and the traffic and the tires squeal. That’s all you get out of the Tesla – just such a different experience than I grew up with.”

But as fellow driver Paul points out, while the Tesla may have put up impressive times, it was a handful to drive, with the brakes getting hot and the car constantly lurching all over the track.

“If you like numbers, you like this,” he summarizes, pointing to the Tesla. “If you like driving, it’s not even close…”

2020 Corvette Stingray

Anything that weighs upwards of 4,000 pounds and has such a high center of gravity just isn’t capable of delivering an enjoyable driving experience, Paul says.

For Roman, however, the TFL test might just represent the perfect garage – socially responsible with a touch of old-school.

“You’ve got your car to take your kids and your family to work or church,” he says, “and you’ve got your car to take to the track on the weekend or just … on a great Sunday afternoon drive.”

The Fast Lane Car via insideevs.com

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  1. Why such a lousy 0-60?? The C8 is one of the BEST 0-60 cars out there. As far as the altitude I would think the GM electronics would compensate if needed. I don’t think these guys are quite dialed in the the C8 launch control, over 4 seconds is way off all other tests I have seen. Vette looks a thousand times better too.

  2. Yeah I’m very confused by 0-60 time, did they not use launch control at all? Kinda makes you throw out comparison from the start when you see 4 sec plus time from C8. Very weird.

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