[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Goes Through An Automatic Car Wash


[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Goes Through an Automatic Car Wash

Watching a C8 Corvette Coupe’s engine compartment as the car goes through an automatic car wash never gets old.

I am reminded of Kai Spande’s seminar last month from the NCM Anniversary Event where he talks about how they literally drown the newly completed C8s in two different water tests at the factory. Even though we know that the cars are designed for this, I still cringe when seeing all that water coming through the engine’s venting and soaking the LT2 V8.

For the polishing enthusiasts out there with a C8 Corvette Coupe, has the venting on the rear of the car changed how you wash and detail it?

Peter Colomvakos / YouTube

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  1. I thought one of the top 5 rules for Corvette ownership was to NEVER take a Corvette through an automated wash?

    I never took my 77 through an auto wash when I had her, but I take my current Bimmer through them all the time!

  2. I’d be more concerned about swirl marks in the paint of a beautiful car than the water. No car I have owned in 60 years has been through a car wash…but I had the wonderful benefit of company cars to use in snow, slush and salt.

  3. I would love to see a video from that same camera when driving in a heavy rain. I bet even more water gets in the engine compartment during a thundershower.

  4. Nope. One of the joys of owning a corvette is running your hands in a soft cloth over its flowing curves and edges. Almost better than sex…..almost!

  5. I’m used to giving my classics a spray and wipe wash, and my C8 is no different in that regard. What is different is every time I clean the car, I am also cleaning the engine bay surrounds under the hatch and cleaning the hatch glass. Gets pretty dirty in there.

    Couldn’t imagine the mess in there after an automatic car wash.

  6. You bought yourself the wrong car if you use a car wash! Like Chuck says….Especially the kind with those damn brushes…. that’s crazy! Some car washes at least have a touchless arm spraying system, but even those are useless. Like fine china or silverware that reads “HAND WASH ONLY!”… it’s a Corvette!

  7. The C8 engine area gets so dirty it’s in the back. You can’t keep it clean if you drive it. Anything you drive over blows out the back.

  8. I cringed, but mostly of seeing those brushes going over the car, I won’t even take my Equinox thru one of those, I hand wash that, unless it’s in the winter, even then I just use the self serve bays with the wand.

  9. Corvettes are special and should NEVER go through a auto wash. If you’re too lazy to wash your Corvette, you should probably not own one. On the other hand, I’m shocked that much water runs into the engine compartment, can’t be good. Would like to see the same test on some other mid engine exotics.

  10. I would never, ever, run any Corvette through a friggen car wash. What is wrong with people?? If any of you are that fucking lazy then buy a Prius or a Mustang, geez.

  11. It’s not a marshmallow, its a car. A very nice one but I don’t hand wash ever and I just took delivery at the museum of a C8 Vert two weeks ago and drove it home in CA (2200 miles). I ran it threw the Costco car wash with no problems at all. That’s my 7th Vette and I’ve done that to all of them. They are my daily driver and get a nice wash once a week. I don’t hibernate them in a garage forever, I drive them and enjoy them. Since I earned the money to but them it’s my decision!!!

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