[VIDEO] Is This the Vince McMahon C4 Corvette That ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Filled with Cement?


[VIDEO] Is This the Vince McMahon C4 Corvette That 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Filled with Cement?

Photo Credits: Jim Cooper

If you’re a big WWE fan, you probably remember the feud between Vince McMahon and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin back in the late 1990s.

Their animosity grew so strong at one point in 1998 that Austin commandeered a huge concrete mixer and used it to dump a load of the wet stuff through the roof and completely fill the interior of McMahon’s beloved white C4 coupe, much to the amusement of viewers.

If you ever wondered what happened to the Corvette after that big publicity stunt, the folks at Jalopnik may have unearthed the answer for you.

A reader named Jim Cooper recently sent Jalopnik several photos of a white Corvette that is very reminiscent of a rainforest.

“I happened upon an innocuous C4 buried way in the back of an industrial warehouse in Norwalk, CT,” Cooper explained. “It’s been sitting unprotected for a … while.”

[VIDEO] Is This the Vince McMahon C4 Corvette That 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Filled with Cement?

The Corvette was surrounded by an older Lincoln hearse and two giant trailer spotlights, “like for a grand opening thing,” according to Cooper.

He could not figure out why there was concrete on the back portion of the dash next to the windshield – “so many questions,” he wrote.

Jalopnik was just as confused, hypothesizing that maybe “leaves fell into the car, turned into dirt, and facilitated lots of plant growth.”

[VIDEO] Is This the Vince McMahon C4 Corvette That 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Filled with Cement?

They jokingly theorized that the concrete might have been an effort by some enterprising owner (who) was trying to fix cowl shake.

Jalopnik finally found out about the infamous concrete incident with McMahon’s Corvette. Could this be that infamous car 22 years later?


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  1. The look on Mcmahon’s face was hilarious. Of it were not all staged it would truly be funny.

  2. These guys are both idiots. It’s too bad a nice C4 got destroyed. Theres guys out there that dream of having cars like that all their life.


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