[VIDEO] A 2020 Corvette Covered With Stickers Is Not the Mod We Wanted to See


[VIDEO] A 2020 Corvette Covered With Stickers Is Not the Mod We Wanted to See

Photo Credit: Nice_Rutabaga / Reddit.com

Seeing a 2020 Corvette Stingray covered in questionable stickers was unexpected to say the least.

A video of the car was shared to Reddit.com’s Sh!tty_Car_Mods and shows a Shadow Gray 2020 Corvette with the optional high wing parked street-side along a row of houses in Pennsylvania. The slew of stickers appears to have been haphazardly applied to the car.

One of the stickers that the cameraman seems to focus on includes an image of Donald Trump with an infamous NSFW quote.

However, there is a clue as to why someone would do such a thing to their new Corvette as the owner may have recently completed the “Four Aces” charity poker run. One of the largest graphics shows the Four Aces logo along with the number #081 on the door.

For those that have never participated in an organized Poker Run, participants rally to various checkpoints along a predetermined route and at each checkpoint, they receive a playing card. The driver with the best Poker hand at the end of the rally wins.

We could see the owner leaving the stickers on the car for the day, but our priority would be to remove them as soon as possible to avoid any damage or embarrassment to the car (and owner!).

It reminds of those who would go “club hopping” Saturday night and end up with a bunch of wrist bands or ink stamps on your hand and then waiting until the following Friday to remove them. It’s not a good look…

Reddit.com via CarScoops.com

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  1. Gee last week when you had the story about some former Vice President’s 1967 green roadster we were told no comments because we don’t want to get political. And now you post a video focusing twice on something that our current President supposedly said. I did not mention names because I did not want to get political.

  2. I cannot believe someone would cover their car in stickers….. the HP gains will double your Insurance Premiums

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