[VIDEO] Pretty Nifty DIY Trailer Hitch for the C7 Corvette


[VIDEO] Pretty Nifty DIY Trailer Hitch for the C7 Corvette

Who says the 460 to 755 horsepower C7 Corvette isn’t a practical car?

We all know there’s plenty of storage room behind the seats in the 2014-18 coupes, but this eye-opening video on YouTube shows us a whole new approach to increasing the practicality of the C7s even more, including the convertible versions.

A fellow named Wes, out of Wisconsin, has made a video showing what it takes to install a trailer hitch to the back of a C7 Stingray, in this case his 2015 Shark Gray coupe used to pull his racing go-kart to Road America. He says the trailer and kart weigh about 400 pounds together and emphasizes in all capital letters at one point: “DO NOT PULL ANYTHING HEAVY WITH A CORVETTE.”

Like Wes, we’ve often wished we had a way to pull a trailer with a Corvette.

This video proves it can indeed be done, and we think it’s especially cool at the end when the video shows the trailer behind the C7 going down the road and we hear that wonderful exhaust sound of the Corvette.

[VIDEO] Pretty Nifty DIY Trailer Hitch for the C7 Corvette

If you’re like me, though, the thought of having to cut the required larger hole in your rear bumper – even if it will be hidden by your license plate when not in use – makes me a little queasy.

Even worse for us enthusiasts who want our Corvette to remain perfect, is the thought of what might happen if you accidentally scraped the bumper while you were hooking the trailer to the ball. I just remember seeing all those pickup trucks with a warped license plate over the years. Ouch!

As for the installation itself, Wes says if you reply in the comments section, he’ll send you a step-by-step video to show exactly what it took for the installation. “I can show every bolt and clip required to remove the bumper and install the hitch and wiring harness,” he says.

I’m still not sure someone not mechanically inclined like me would be able to do this project – it just sounds hard for a neophyte taking off the upper and lower bumpers and wiring up the harness so the turn signals, brake lights, and emergency flashers all work.

For someone who knows what they’re doing and has the required confidence, however, this would probably be a simple installation.

The end result is definitely worth it, especially if you happen to have one of those cool custom trailers that look like the rear end of a C7 to pull behind your Stingray. So, would you be willing to put a trailer hitch on your new 2019 ZR1 convertible worth well north of $125,000 or even your 2014 Stingray worth about a fourth of that?

Wesley Irek / YouTube

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  1. Hey Mitch. Nice install. Smart if you don’t have a truck. But still, I think if I could afford a C7, I’d buy a truck for hauling. I owned E54S002026 for 32 years, a 65′ and 2003 50th SC1, but never thought of this kind of project. I’m impressed.

  2. He drilled through the bumper beam, not the frame. If you get rear, ended in a C7 its not totalled by damaging that beam. The C7 online that was totaled for the crack, was cracked in the stir friction welded aluminum member and required the entire car to be taken apart if you wanted it replaced. The rear bumper bar is a throwaway piece.

  3. This is ingenious. Although I have no need for a trailer, I enjoyed the video. GM should recruit this guy to work in their Clever Accessories Department.

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