[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Loses Rear End in South Carolina Crash


[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Loses Rearend in South Carolina Crash

Let’s hope the driver of this Long Beach Red Metallic C7 Corvette convertible is OK after a crash Thursday literally ripped the rear end off the car!

An accident is never funny, but we couldn’t help but chuckle at the concerned bystander who hoped there was no one in the “back seat” of the Corvette! Police at the scene in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina were able to reassure the onlooker that fortunately Corvettes don’t have back seats.

Details about the accident remain sketchy, but we do know that speed may have been a key reason for the major destruction of the Corvette since the Mount Pleasant Police Department did tweet for residents to “please slow down” while driving and to expect delays while traveling on Highway 17 at South Shelmore Boulevard area. A blue Dodge Caravan may have been involved in the accident as it is shown in the background behind the Corvette in a photo provided by Police.

The accident forced the closure of two lanes of the highway during clean-up and investigation.

We don’t know how seriously the driver was injured in the crash, but hopefully, all the advanced engineering design of the Corvette was able to absorb the impact and keep him from being hurt. We’d love to hear from Chevy if the car is actually designed to break in half this way for safety purposes. Maybe some of our readers who are engineers might be able to shed some light for us.


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  1. No car is ‘designed to break in half’ for any reason under any circumstances. They are designed to serve as a survival capsule with the restraints and energy absorbing surfaces intact to protect the occupants.

  2. The rear frame rails seem to be straight between the soft top and the rear floor pan (black thing, looks to be in one piece) just blew all the body panels off and knocked the rear end out of the car. Hate to see that car, mine’s the same color.

  3. I was wondering what happened to this Corvette when I saw this pic in yesterday’s Corvette Delivery Dispatch.

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