[DVR ALERT] 1962 Corvette and Other Collector Cars Featured on Monday’s American Pickers


[DVR ALERT] 1962 Corvette and Other Collector Cars on Monday's American Pickers

Photo Credit: History Channel

Even at 80 years old, Harold McCoy of Kingston – a small town about an hour north of Atlanta, Georgia – isn’t ready to stop collecting cars.

He’ll share his story on the latest episode of “American Pickers” that airs Monday, July 20 at 9 p.m. on the A&E network.

McCoy has approximately 100 vehicles in his collection, which is scattered around sites in his hometown and includes a white 1962 Corvette, a ’66 Shelby Cobra, and a ’55 Chevrolet he bought 53 years ago for just $125!

But he doesn’t just hoard up any old car.

“I collect collectible cars,” he told The Daily Tribune News in nearby Cartersville, Georgia. “Collectible cars means special cars, not just run-of-the-mill cars. We’ve got some cars that date all the way back into the late ‘20s, early ‘30s. We’ve got about three cars that have wooden wheels on them. I’ve always wanted cars that nobody else had.”

That includes one of his latest prized acquisitions that took him nearly 10 years to track down – a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird.

“I felt like I had hit the lottery,” he says of finally finding the car in Alabama. “I felt like a kid with the best toy you could get for Christmas. When I looked at this car, it had been sitting in the same tracks for 26 years. Something had happened to the engine, and he thought it was the end of the world for this car. So he parked it, and it didn’t get moved.”

The Superbird, of course, was made to race at NASCAR and became famous with legendary driver Richard Petty behind the wheel. He won several races in the cars before NASCAR banned them.

“They ran so fast that NASCAR wouldn’t let them run on the track,” McCoy says. “So over the years, they got more and more scarce.”

At first, McCoy’s Superbird wouldn’t run, but thanks to the efforts of his son, Dwayne, its 440 engine is rolling down the road better than ever.

In fact, on tonight’s episode, Mike even gets to take the Superbird for a spin.

McCoy can’t reveal any items that were purchased by the pickers, but he did tell the Daily Tribune it was a “lucrative” and a “nice” experience for the long-time fan of the show.

“I watch the show every night – for however long it’s been on,” he says. “It’s on usually about two, three times a week. It was nice – as far as being a thrill, as something to add to my memories.”


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  1. July 21,2020
    I really enjoyed the episode of American Pickers Monday July 20th.
    My favorite is his 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Orange with Black Rally stripe.
    My husband and I owned one very simillar Orange 70′ Challanger R/T with black Rally stripe
    440 six pack (3 two barrel carburators), It is still in our family 50 years later. Our oldest son has it now. Yes, It still runs! In the early years it was a pure stock drag racer winning both N.H.R.A & I.H.R.A. records for B/Stock Automatic. Your show just brought back good memories! My husband is deceased, sons are grown & I,m 70 years young & still enjoy Mopar fast cars! My daily driver is a 2013 Hemi Challenger!
    Thanks for the memories!
    Brenda L. Smith

  2. I watched the show too and while I was a bit disappointed as a local publication seemed to suggest that the 1962 Corvette was going to be shown, we never did see it. But watching the guys driving the Superbird was fun. Thanks for your nice comment, Brenda!

  3. I am watching American Pickers July 27th on the History channel and caught a glimpse of a white ’62 Corvette convertible. Is this car for sale and if so can your tell me about the car and what an asking price would be. If not, can you give me a lead on another ’62 vette that may be available for sale aside from such big auctions like Mecum. Thank you.

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