[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Loses in a Drag Race to a Tesla Model 3


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Loses in a Drag Race to a Tesla Model 3

One of the benefits of owning an electric car is the instant torque and power that is generated from the electric motors. We’ve seen time and again a Tesla beating up on its gas-powered rivals at the drag strip.

Motor1.com brings us another such video showing a base-model (Non-Z51) 2020 Corvette racing the four-door Tesla Model 3 sedan with the electric car easily beating the new mid-engine Corvette in a sprint race.

On paper, this should have been much closer as the Model 3 has a 0-60 mph time listed at 3.2 seconds while the base Mid-Engine Corvette is officially rated at 3.0 seconds with its Michelin All-Season tires. Also benefiting the Tesla is its all-wheel-drive while the non-Z51 Corvette runs with a gearing ratio that’s slightly longer than that of the Z51 model.

The C8’s driver does engage Launch Control for the run, but the car appears to bog at the beginning of the run which allows the Model 3 to easily out-run the Corvette. The video only shows the one race so bragging rights go to the electric car…this time.

Perhaps the Corvette owner needs to find some back-roads to perfect his launching of the Corvette and then schedule a rematch!


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  1. The review was anything but hillarrious and this “comedian,” while perhaps a nice guy, doesn’t really show it with the review. His attempts at some sort of sarcasm just did not hit the mark for me.

    A Z-51 is a 2.9 zero to 60 car. As always, the pilot is important, but clearly with the electric car not as important as in a gasoline powered vehicle. Not all C8’s are equal and they are not all piloted equally. The enjoyment in a C8 is actually proven here as a no skilled Tesla 3 driver beats a less-than-skilled or prepared C8 driver. Put Austin “Speed Phenom,” up against this Tesla 3 and watch Tesla get crushed by the Stingray! AF

  2. Yes, electric cars do indeed rule the roost in straight-line acceleration. I’m not sure why this comes as a surprise to anyone now, with Teslas having roamed the American roads for over a decade. But much like the overwrought muscle cars of the 70s, lightning quick electric cars are one-trick ponies. Once you get them off the quarter-mile straight, the electric wonders become lead sleds, due to the massive weight of their battery packs. Until battery technology advances considerably, allowing for significant reductions in size and weight, traditional ICE performance cars will continue to have a clear advantage on any road or track that isn’t a drag strip.

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