[VIDEO] Wards Auto Highlights the C8 Corvette’s LT2 Engine That Was Named a Top 10 for 2020


[VIDEO] Wards Auto Highlights the C8 Corvette's LT2 Engine That Was Named a Top 10 for 2020

Late last year the word came down that the new C8 Corvette’s LT2 V8 engine had earned a spot on Wards 10 Best Engines for 2020 list. Judges were blown away by the power and torque from the overhead valve engine, as well as the exhaust note “that was more ‘howl’ than the traditional rumble”.

Wards also notes that by placing the engine behind the driver offered the ability to change the packaging of the engine and its accessories, including a larger intake manifold to heighten peak power and torque, as well as relocating the dry-sump for better lubrication and improving the car’s center of gravity.

During the January 2020 awards ceremony, Wards played a video highlighting each of 2020’s Top 10 Engines and Propulsion Systems and they’ve been releasing those videos publically once per month. Today they released the LT2 V8 video which you can see here:

Corvette small-block engines are no stranger to the annual Wards 10 Best Engines & Propulsion Systems, having been chosen in 1998, 1999, 2008, 2014, 2015, and 2019. And with even more new engines on deck for future Corvette products, we could see a repeat of the C7 generation that saw all three engines (LT1, LT4, LT5) make the Wards Auto Top 10.

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