[VIDEO] Step by Step Instructions on Lowering Your C8 Corvette with E60 Front Lift


[VIDEO] Step by Step Instructions on Lowering Your C8 Corvette with E60 Front Lift

One of the options on the 2020 Corvette Stingray that had everyone excited was the E60 Front End Lift System which allows owners to raise the front nose of the car by two inches in under three seconds at speeds of up to 24 mph. For those who have ever dinged a carbon fiber front splitter, this option sounded like the perfect way to protect the front fascia and splitter from steep driveways or speedbumps.

But the E60 option comes with a caveat in that you can’t lower the ride height in the front with the E60 due to the adjustable coilovers. Luckily, the aftermarket sprang into action and Cicio Performance has solved the issue with a front-end lowering kit for the C8 Corvette with E60 front lift.

With the Cicio Performance lowering kit, the C8 Corvette with front lift can be lowered in the front by approximately 1-inch while still retaining its front lift capabilities.

Speed Society’s “The Wrench” offers up this 5-minute video showing the install process of the Cicio Performance Front End Lowering Kit. The lowering kit comes with a full-color install guide and it should take a qualified shop or do-it-yourselfers around 1-hour per side.

Speed Society / YouTube

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  1. The news that 94 Corvettes were completed in one day is music to my ears. And I already have my C8 and light gray LT2/Z51 with front end lift. I had wanted a convertible and then I freaked out over the possibilities that the Convertibles would not be built and I was a consistent looker at the Internet just to see what the added tariff would be for the purchase of a Corvette at a dealer, should allocation come in. I got the 1063rd Vette VIN built out of Bowling Green on 02/20/2020 that was then shipped March 18, 2020 by J. Cooper Trucking to CPC Fairfax, Kansas City Plant, Kansas. I have no tracking after that except to say 04/01/2020, arrive Rydell Chevrolet, Northridge, Ca. with 3 mi. on it. I got my deposit back on the Vert which is at least 3000 status and the only vert that WIN Chevrolet has for 2020. But now, with this number of C8 Stingray built, there will soon be a lot of happy campers. Imagine very shortly owners taking delivery at the museum! The cars will spread out like good news in the stock market, all over the country. The after market people have been building like there is no tomorrow or rather many tomorrows with C8 cash escalating in a non-stop effort to customize the greatest American Sports car platform of all time. What? Me? A fan boi? Nah!

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