What You Need to Know About Adjustable Ride Height, Magnetic Ride, and the E60 Front Lift System


What You Need to Know About Adjustable Ride Height, Magnetic Ride, and the E60 Front Lift System

CorvetteBlogger.com contributor Jeremy Welborn shared some of this information while out at the NCM’s 25th Anniversary Celebration and posted it on the forums, but after talking with a couple people about the E60 Front Lift System, we wanted to make sure that more are aware of the major caveat when it comes to wanting to manually adjust your C8 Corvette’s ride height.

For many Corvette owners, adjusting their Corvette’s ride height (ie, lowering their Corvette) is the very first and sometimes the only mod they will do, but things may be different this time around as the 2020 Corvette features coil-over shocks for the first time.

This photo shows the adjustable spring seat that allows almost two full inches of adjustment to the ride height:

What You Need to Know About Adjustable Ride Height, Magnetic Ride, and the E60 Front Lift System

Jeremy spoke with Corvette Program Engineering Manager Josh Holder during the NCM event who gave an overview of adjusting your ride height as it relates to Magnetic Ride Control and the Front Lift System.

According to Josh, these are the three key points to consider if you plan on lowering your C8 Corvette:

  1. The adjustable spring seats are only available on the Z51 optioned Corvettes. You can NOT adjust the ride height on a non-Z51 C8 Corvette.

  2. The adjustable spring seats on a Z51 optioned Corvette are identical regardless of whether you order Magnetic Selective Ride and they are adjusted manually in the same manner as well.

  3. THIS IS THE BIGGIE…if you option your Z51 Corvette with the Front Lift System, you will ONLY be able to adjust the REAR spring seats because the lift system replaces the adjustable spring seats on the front of the car.

So there you have it! You can only lower your Corvette’s ride height with Z51, but you can only adjust the rears if you also order the E60 Front Lift System. For many Corvette owners that plan on tracking their Corvettes, this pretty much makes the E60 a no-go. But for the rest of the Corvette community whose Corvettes will never see the track, the E60 remains a great stand-alone option to consider regardless of whether you are checking the box on the Z51 Performance Package.

Here’s another look at the C8 Corvete’s front lift system in action which we captured at Kerbeck’s East Coast Reveal:


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  1. So the way I understand it, you can still order a E-60 lift kit on a non Z-51 Corvette. Am I right?

  2. If you have a Z51 with the E60, and choose to lower the height of the rear coil overs, will the E60 system then compensate at the front, to keep the car level? Or will the car just appear to be tail dragging?

  3. I love the MagneRide technology. Invented and production-ized by Delphi, now owned by BWI, and sold to at least 5 more automakers (including Ford, Ferrari, and Lambo). Terrific idea, control the damping with a rapidly adjustable magnetic field, instead of orifices and shims.

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