Corvettes for Sale: Crashed C8 Corvette Looks Pitiful On Copart


Crashed C8 Corvette Looks Pitiful On Copart

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Imagine how excited the owner of the 269th mid-engine Corvette produced must have been upon taking delivery.

Now imagine how upset that same owner must be after an accident left his 2020 Stingray looking like this.

The car, featuring extensive damage to the front end as well as body panel damage on both sides, is being auctioned on the popular on-line auction site, Copart.

Crashed C8 Corvette Looks Pitiful On Copart

Copart claims the vehicle is valued at $107,699, but that must include the market adjustment being charged by some dealers since a 2LT Z51 would be pushing it to hit much past the $80,000 mark, even with the $995 black wheels, $995 engine appearance package, and $4,850 5VM carbon-fiber aero.

But that’s being nitpicky.

Crashed C8 Corvette Looks Pitiful On Copart

What this Ceramic Gray Metallic beauty with two-tone Sky Cool Gray seats started out costing is really irrelevant at this stage of the game. We’re just wondering how hard it would be to secure replacement parts this early in the production of the mid-engine Corvette, and we’re likewise curious about whether any damage has been done to that 495 horsepower engine. Of course, if someone is looking to customize their 2020 Corvette with one of the aftermarket kits that have begun surfacing, this might be an ideal candidate.

Crashed C8 Corvette Looks Pitiful On Copart

So, enthusiasts, would you be satisfied to own this car if it had been fully repaired, or would you always have a little regret in the back of your mind owning a previously wrecked vehicle?

Crashed C8 Corvette Looks Pitiful On Copart

Crashed C8 Corvette Looks Pitiful On Copart

Crashed C8 Corvette Looks Pitiful On Copart

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  1. No need to worry about this car being repaired, it never will as its to severly damaged with a lot of structural damage. Copart gets there value amount based on the insurance co payout to the car owner. Copart works with all insurance companys, that is there business. Copart uses the ACV actual cash value to pass on to the salvage buyers whom eventually pay a salvage value partially based on ACV less damage amount.

  2. I’ll start the bidding at $1 million, do I have $1 million??? I have $1 million, do I have $1.5 million?
    Well, the above is just as silly as this article’s contents….thanks for the Sunday giggle!!!!

  3. Think I’ll pass on this one. I’m impatiently waiting for my 2020 Corvette, they’re telling me September 🙁

  4. If it did not have a “Salvaged Vehicle” on the transfer title I would buy it for the right price. I have a 2020 C8 for 2 1/2 months now, I received a road hazard puncture in my rear tire and can not get a replacement tire yet. The 3 local Chevy dealers all tell me the same thing, there is no availability for that tire yet through their distributor, no estimated date for availability and they all go thru the same distributor. One dealer told me to try going thru other sources that use a different distributor, so I did. American Tire Depot is working directly with Michelin Tire to get the replacement. Maybe 10 days.
    So good luck trying to get body repair parts on that wrecked C8.

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