[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Grazed by a Motorcyclist Who Crossed the Yellow Line


[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Grazed by a Motorcyclist Who Crossed the Yellow Line

Photo Credits: John Gibson

Here’s another crazy story involving a 2020 Corvette coming on the heels of that C8 Corvette being dropped from a dealer’s two-post lift. This one comes from John Gibson who shared it to the C8 Corvette Owner’s page on Facebook. The new 2020 Corvette owner tells us how he was out for a drive on some “curvy roads” and as he crested a rise in the road, his Stingray was grazed by a motorcyclist coming in the opposite lane!

Lucky for our Corvette owner, he had put the Performance Data Recorder into the mode that automatically records his drives whenever he starts up the car. As the motorcyclist lied to the responding police officer about who was over the yellow line, the PDR recording became the crucial piece of evidence for the accident report.

As for the 2020 Corvette, it took a footpeg to the side-scoop boomerang so that will need to be replaced, but overall it looks like the car escaped any serious damage.

Here is the full account of the story from John Gibson:

It’s just a car. That’s what I keep repeating to myself. Got hit by a guy on a motorcycle today in the Vette. Was doing some fun top off motoring on some curvy roads, came over the top of a hill and two guys on motorcycles were riding on/over the centerline with half their bikes in my lane. I swerved away when I saw them. The first rider’s foot peg hit my “boomerang” side scoop and broke it.

I about lost it because I swerved while cresting the hill. Slid sideways, but fortunately I just learned that the C8 handles well at the edge. Got her back under control and turned around to find the guys on the bikes, see if they were ok, and exchange insurance. Guys on the bikes left the scene. I kept going til I found them down the road at their house. Our stories didn’t mesh so we agreed to have them call the police.

[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Grazed by a Motorcyclist Who Crossed the Yellow Line

[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Grazed by a Motorcyclist Who Crossed the Yellow Line

They lied and told the police that I was over the center line and hit them, and that they weren’t over the line! Both guys on the bikes told the officer that. So I asked the officer to go back to the scene and look at my skid marks and for debris that would show where I was at when they hit me.

On the way back to the scene a message popped up on my screen that jogged my memory about an amazing C8 feature “Video Recording Started!” 🤩 I had the automatic PDR video recording feature turned on, and had a video of the whole thing!

I showed it to the officer and he said “yep, they both crossed the line. I’ll add that to the report.” So his insurance will have to pay to fix it. I hope the parts are available. In the end it’s not that bad, I know it’s just a car, and I’m glad that no one was hurt. If I hadn’t swerved I would have hit that biker’s outer frame tubes instead of his foot peg that just rotated around. He could have flown off the bike, hit the nearby trees and died. So thank God everyone was alright.

Photo and video credits to John Gibson.

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  1. Glad all is well, nice to know that the PDR now has an auto on feature as a dash cam. I got into the habit of turning it on every time I started my C7s for just that reason. Not only did they go over line but they were hit & run as well

  2. So the owner of the C8, due to being attentive and quick acting, basically saved the motorcyclist’s life by getting out of the way in the nick of time. And in return the motorcyclist blames the C8 driver. Sad, but I guess it’s not unexpected.

    If I had been the motorcyclist, the C8 owner (and spouse) would have enjoyed a free steak dinner that night.

  3. It seems that in this day and age, that a lot of bikers think that they own the road. These stupid bikers think that everyone else should look out for them. Several years ago l was I n my way home from work and a couple of idiots on crouch rockets were weaving in and out of traffic. The traffic was slow but the second idiot clipped the front passenger side bumper of my big suv and skidded down and off the road. He wasn’t hurt except for some road rash. He got up and tried to leave. I stood on his arm and told him he wasn’t going anywhere till the police said so. Long story short, the police impounded his bike and issued a couple of citations. No damage to my sub but he had to go to court and it didn’t fair well for him.

  4. Here in San Diego it’s the damn bicycle riders in your lane. I wish they would pay registration for using and blocking the road. They run all the stop signs too.

  5. The bikes were Harley’s and H-D riders are usually more careful. It’s the sport bikes (“Crotch Rockets”) that are ridden by idiots. And yes, the worst people on the road are the bicycle riders. (I’m in San Diego also)

  6. I can’t stand those asshole bikers that split lanes. I got scared to death one time on I-40 when all of a sudden one of those idiots came flying in between me and the car in the lane next to me.

  7. I’ve seen just as many Harley rides as racing bikes drive like idiots. It even gets worse when there are multiple bikes together. I have some friends that won’t rides with some groups because how they drive on the road.

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