[VIDEO] EIKON Motorsports Shows Off Their Lambo Doors Kit for the 2020 Corvette


[VIDEO] EIKON Motorsports Introduces their Lambo Doors Kit for the 2020 Corvette

Photo Credit: EIKON Motorsports

We gave you the heads up last month that EIKON Motorsports was fabricating a vertical door kit and today they are showing off the completed version with a video posted to Instagram.

According to the Arizona shop, the completed door kits will be sold for $2,699 and will start shipping out soon. If you are in the Arizona area, you can schedule an install at their shop for $1,600 which includes a lifetime warranty. But wait, there’s more! As a special introductory offer, you can buy the door kit and have it installed for $2,999. This offer expires on June 12th.

We’ve been following their progress since we first learned about the project and from what we’ve gleaned, they started with a Vertical Doors C7 door kit and then had to modify it appropriately to fit the C8 Corvette’s body structure. The good news for them is that the C8 doors used the same mounts as were on the C7 doors, so they only had to work on mounting the special hinges to the C8.

Check out the video showing their operation below. It’s not the best quality at the beginning but stay with it as you will see that with the kit installed, you can still use the doors traditionally or go “full Lambo” with the doors raised up.

EIKON Motorsports

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  1. Please there are so few 2020’s available do not destroy them with these 1980’s doors. I would rather see a 20 wrapped around a tree than wrapped in these doors. Unless of course Catherine Back and Susan Anton step out.

  2. If you want Lambo doors just buy a 12 cylinder Lamborghini. Without the car designed for these type of doors you’re running the risk of fitment issues and resale problems.

  3. Most of the comments bashing these doors are coming from guys who are going to go out as fast as they can and put chrome wheels and “Z-51” badges on their C8’s….ignore them. To each their own.

  4. Tim Genter, what’s wrong with a nice looking set of chrome wheels on a C8? There are some really nice aftermarket chrome wheels and clear coated polished wheels available for Corvettes that look way better than the factory C8 wheels.

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