[PICS] Arizona Shop is Offering Lambo Door Kits for Your C8 Corvette Starting at $2,999


[PICS] Arizona Shop is Offering Lambo Door Kits for Your C8 Corvette Starting at $2,999

Even before the C8 mid-engine Corvette showed up last July in the flesh we knew this mod was coming. Lamborghini-styled doors, also known as butterfly or scissor doors, would certainly be at home on the first exotic Corvette. And thanks to a shop out in Arizona, we now have some renders and an update as they are creating a kit for the 2020 Corvette.

EIKON Motorsports are doing the Lambo door treatment on their own 2020 Corvette and according to Autoevolution they sourced the parts from a Vertical Doors C7 kit. To get it to fit on the C8 Corvette, they will have to update the mounting bracket to fit the C8’s body but the good news is that Chevy engineers used the same bolt sizes and mounting template as the C7’s doors so it shouldn’t be too long before they have it all figured out.

The shop will be selling the Lambo-door kits for $2,999 with all the hardware required or $4,300 with installation. As part of the presale, they offered to provide updates on the kit’s progress and EION provided this Instagram video showing the car partially disassembled. They believe they will have the project completed in about three weeks.

EIKON Motorsports has installed nearly 4,000 doors over the last 14 years so they should know what they are doing. We know that it will be a special moment to see an actual 2020 Corvette with the vertical doors installed so stay tuned!

[PICS] Arizona Shop is Offering Lambo Doors Kits for Your C8 Corvette Starting at $2,999

Editor’s Note: We have updated the price of the kit to $2,999 which reflects the price listed on the EIKON website.

EikonMotorsports.com via Autoevolution.com

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  1. The Lambo-style doors may look a bit over the top; but they would make getting in and out of the C8 Corvette a lot easier as well as the fact that the Lambo-style doors won’t get dinged when opening.

  2. The new C8 is a high end quality sports car. I would not reduce its value by putting Lambo doors on it. This fad went away 20 years ago, when they were putting lambo doors on everything. I have ridden in cars with Lambo doors, and unless the doors go straight up..90 degrees when they are open..the are a PITA to duck your head getting in and out.

  3. No way I would get Lamborghini doors , unless of course the spinning lit up shell kit goes with them

  4. Just so the people who believe that Lambo doors have gone out of style: what that really means is that Lambo doors have gone out of style in your own head, and thus that is why you have such an opinion. I don’t know who else you believe you speak for? One person says getting out is easier and another person say you are going to experience PITA (Pain in the a_s) as you attempt to get in and out while having to “…duck your head…” Please keep your distance from my doors, if I’m parked near you at a cars and coffee, as heads are in fact a valuable commodity in this day and age. AF (I already got pinned in by a parallel parker who replaced the guy who was in the slot next to my drivers side, leaving no room other than to crack the door. It’s either a matter of taste on Lambo style doors, or it’s all according to what you’re used to, as a friend of mine from Tennessee once told me.

  5. The only doors I want to lift up are the ones that come from the factory that way. Installing after market Lamborghini-styled doors is usually not a good idea and can create fitment and closing issues.

  6. Don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure don’t want those apparitions on my C8 Ugggggleeeeeeeeee!
    Maybe I’ll put a bug deflector on the hood!

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