[VIDEO] YouTubers Pulled Over After Testing the 2020 Corvette’s Launch Control


[VIDEO] YouTubers Pulled Over After Testing the 2020 Corvette's Launch Control

We’ve been enjoying the Daily Downshift channel featuring the Kuchar brothers out of Canada who own a 1LT Sebring Orange 2020 Corvette Coupe. As the car has now passed the break-in period of 500 miles or 800 kilometers, it’s time to test launch control.

The weather must be getting better up there as Orest and Nestor made a quick dash from the Great White North to “Mexico” to get in some driving action. Finding what they say is a “safe private road”, the brothers tell us this will be the very time for either of them to use Launch Control.

Their first launch was a success and you can see how excited they are as they talk about the experience. We see another launch from outside the car and of course, the Stingray just gets up and goes.

[VIDEO] YouTubers Pulled Over After Testing the 2020 Corvette's Launch Control

With the two bothers waiting for traffic to clear, their day became even more interesting when a two police SUVs with lights flashing pulls up behind them!

An officer walks up to the open window and says to Orest “We’re getting complaints of you screaming up and down this road, okay? So here’s a hint, okay? You either take your car…put it back in the garage and behave yourself…or I’m going to take it for seven days and impound it, and take your license off you.”

Following the stern warning, the conversation turns to the car (as it almost always does) and you can see an officer in the background taking a closer look at the rear. “So this is a 2020?” one of the officers asks. “You know what it is?” asks Oreck with a smile. “I know it’s a Corvette!” the officer replies!

Once those stern (yet friendly) police officers drive away, the brothers realized their “Mexico” mistake in thinking the road they were driving on was private. But all is good and they decide the best plan is to call it day!

From the Daily Downshift via YouTube:

It only took us a month of owning this vehicle to get the cops called on us for racing up and down a private road here in Mexico. We just broke in our 2020 Corvette C8 a few days ago and so we thought it would be cool to test out the launch control. Little did we know, there were others watching that weren’t as impressed as us. The police were called and they showed up shortly after to pull us over. No complaints from us because we drove away with some great footage and no tickets. Thank you to the police officers for being so understanding about the whole situation. We hope you enjoy the video!

Daily Downshift / YouTube

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  1. I wish people would stop with the dumb being in Mexico “disclaimers.” I noticed you didn’t mention it talking to the police LOL
    But a beautiful car and I’m glad you guys enjoyed the amazing launches 🙂

  2. I made it to 1.42 and had to go to the comments. These two idiots probably don’t know a private road from a freeway, nor do they even know what country they’re in. Bet they sleep in the same bedroom (in their parents house).

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