[VIDEO] Coronavirus Claims a Corvette Enthusiast Before His 2020 Corvette Could Be Ordered


[VIDEO] Coronavirus Claims a Corvette Enthusiast Before His 2020 Corvette Could Be Ordered

Rick Conti is usually one of the most animated guys around, but in an April 10 post on his website, the Corvette enthusiast/salesman was visibly upset over the news he was having to report.

While many enthusiasts are having to wait for their new mid-engine 2020 ‘Vette to be built in the midst of the current medical crisis, sadly that wait came to an end a few days ago for one of Rick’s customers named Greg, who lived in Oregon.

Reading from an email he had just received from Greg’s wife, Doris, Rick had to pause several times as he repeated her words:

“Need to let you know that Greg passed away Wednesday from the coronavirus. He was so looking forward to this mid-engine Corvette. I guess it’s not meant to be. Please cancel his order. Thank you, Doris.”


Conti is usually upbeat and excited during his posts, including a recent one where he had a high school marching band playing during the delivery of the first C8 at the Ohio dealership where he works.

But the mood was somber as he reported that Greg’s order was set to go in the next allocation “whenever that would be.”

“He was so looking forward to this car, man,” Rick said.

“Talking to him was like talking to my Grandpa. He loved watching the channel, said I was crazy. He’s right.”

Greg said he actually wanted a Z06, but Conti told him it could be ’22 before they are available. “He said, Rick, I’m too old to wait for that. He goes, what do you think of the convertible? So we started talking about the convertible. He says, yeah, let me order that.”

The two men had been talking about the car for about a year and a half, and Conti says they eventually decided on a 2LT Z51 Torch Red convertible with painted roof and nacelles, with GT1 seats, standard wheels but with red calipers to match the car, magnetic ride control, and battery protection package. “That 2LT, he says, that’s more than I need,” Rick said before choking up again.

“I don’t know what else I really want to say. This stuff is real – it’s difficult,” he said, shaking a stack of papers on his desk.

“What a nice man,” he said, staring off into the distance. “Very nice man. Be safe.”

The video closes with photos of what Greg’s car would have looked like.

Our condolences to Doris and the rest of Greg’s family and friends from CorvetteBlogger on behalf of all enthusiasts out there.


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  1. Life is too short. Rest in Peace, and drive easy up there! Tell St. Duntov know we all say hi!!

  2. Rick Conti is a good man. Been following is moves and exploits over the years, though I haven’t had the opportunity to order a machine from him. He, as well as other Corvette enthusiasts, develop real relationships with the people who come their way. Unfortunately, losing those friends is part of that bargain. The best to Mr. Conti and Greg’s family.

  3. Rick; Your heart is as big as that preentation. thank you for sharing and from one Greg “Vette owner/enthusiast” to another Greg…………….. GodSpeed Greg, I hope to God that there are Zo6’s to drive in heaven…..

    With Huge Sincerity, Greg Koning SW Michigan.

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