A Shout Out to Corvette Team Member Wendy Miller Who Is Making Face Masks for GM


A Shout Out to Corvette Team Member Wendy Miller Who Is Making Face Masks for GM

Photo Credit: John F. Martin for General Motors

As the nation’s automakers have joined the fight against COVID-19 by switching from automotive production to making face masks, ventilators and other life-saving equipment, employees for the automakers are also stepping up to do their part.

GM recently reopened a factory in Warren, Michigan to begin manufacturing of Level 1 face masks and that’s where Corvette Team Forecaster Wendy Miller found herself today after volunteering to help make the masks.

Wendy posted one of her trademark photos of herself but now wearing a face mask of her own on Facebook saying “And on Good Friday we make masks. #iworkforGM #teamGMCares”.

Our mutual friend John “Sixer” Mullane also shared her pic and let us know by sending us a link to his post saluting Wendy’s service:

“A huge shout to Team Corvette Forecaster Wendy Miller. Wendy volunteered to leave the safety of her home in Michigan, the state with the third highest incidence of COVID-19 in the US, to work at the GM face mask production facility in Warren. Corvette fans, you have seen Wendy at many events, Carlisle, The Museum, Bloomington Gold, Race events, and the Woodward Dream Cruise. Thanks Wendy, your efforts are appreciated beyond words!”

Corvette Team Member Wendy Miller

So as we are sitting in our houses and apartments wishing that our 2020 Corvettes were being built, let’s say thanks to GM employees like Wendy that choose not to stay home but to take part in the fight against the coronavirus.

As for the GM images above and below, GM CEO Mary Barra toured the Warren facility on April 1st. We found the top photo of her offering similar sentiments to the GM employees who are making all this work while below is a photo showing workers making the facemasks. The Warren facility can now produce up to 1.5 million face masks a month according to the official press release.

GM CEO Mary Barra Tours the Warren, MI facility where GM is making facemasks

Photo Credit: John F. Martin for General Motors

John Mullane / Facebook

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  1. Good for you Wendy. There should be more people like you. I have great admiration for people who go above and beyond. This is what America is all about. GO GM.

  2. All the government models were wrong as we see the statistics. Now that there is a stock pile let’s get back to making cars.

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