When Will We Know What Changes Are In Store for 2021 Corvettes?


When Will We Know What Changes are In Store for 2021 Corvettes?

After endless hype and multiple production delays, the ordering window for 2020 Corvettes has already passed us by. But the good news is that 2021 ordering is only about two months away. That news, along with the announcement of changes for the 2021 model year Camaro, has us wondering when we will know what new RPOs the second-year C8 mid-engine Corvette will receive.

Normally, new options and changes for the new model year are announced in April when the Corvette Team attends the NCM Bash, but that event has now been pushed back to the end of May, after 2021 ordering has started. GM has been known to drop the new model year’s order guide without fanfare, and so we will probably see it sometime in May prior to the start of 2021 orders starting.

For 2021, the Chevrolet Camaro will lose the excellent, one-year only Rally Green and the Crystal/Long Beach-adjacent Garnet Red while picking up a new, extra-cost color named Wild Cherry Tintcoat. Mechanically, the only change is the availability of the 10-speed auto on previously manual-only SSs equipped with the 1LE performance package.

We expect similarly minimal, or even zero changes to be implemented on sophomore C8s but the most obvious ones to watch out for, just like on the Camaro, have to be changes to the color pallet. Elimination of any of the 12 original colors could make for some exceedingly rare 2020 ‘Vettes. This happened to first-year C7s after the discontinuation of Cyber Gray and Lime Rock Green for 2015.

We also expect that vendors will finally have the ability to produce the options in meaningful quantities. Many of the early 2020 Corvettes were able to get the 5VM Ground Effects Kits (which look fantastic) while the 5W8 Carbon Flash Aero Kits are still unavailable.

One change we would like to see that’s been rumored for 2021 is the uncoupling of the Magnetic Selective Ride Control from the Z51 package and offer it as a stand-alone option. Currently, Mag-Ride can only be ordered on Z51-equipped Corvettes.

There is also an outside chance that we will see late 2021 availability of a yet-to-be announced Z06 model. Most pundits have the flat-plane Corvette slated to debut as a 2022 model but the Z has been unveiled in year two of each of the previous two generations so there is a historical precedent pointing to sometime in the 2021 model year as the on-sale date for the first performance-oriented Corvette to ever have its engine behind the driver.

We will likely find out about 2021 Stingray options in the coming weeks as the new order guide is finalized. As for the Z06, we could possibly see that as soon as June 9th at the first fair-weather North American International Auto Show, if things in the world are able to return to some semblance of normal by then. As always, stay tuned into CorvetteBlogger for all of the latest information about America’s Sports Car.

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  1. I would like to remind the Corvette Community that Corvette Racing keeps their word on homologuing the flat plane crank engine to production counterpart cars within the same calender year. So Bowling Green should be Rolling out Cars by December 2020 with that engine architecture. Hence as a Marketing strategy, this will be a C8 Z06 model year 2021. Just like the C6 Z6 with the LS7 as a 2006 model where as the model change over was 2005… It Be cool to return to a NA engine for the Z06 C8, Bonus if they can get it to crank out 600hp in the 8000 RPM range…. bump up the displacement to a 6.0L for extra torque…. As for a ZR1 Model: just Add Turbos and voila…ERAy: Z06 with 2 Electric Motors in Front to mimic the 918 minus the Frunk. 👌

  2. “…sometime in the 2021 model year as the on-sale date for the first performance-oriented Corvette to ever have its engine behind the driver…” — Just sounds kind of funny, when what’s apparently the “non-performance-oriented model” is the one that only goes 0-60 in 2.8s, and tops out at nearly 200mph.

  3. I bet it will have wireless Apple play. And that will piss me off royally since I already ordered a 2020.

  4. How about getting rid of the lime green ugly accelerate yellow and return to the true Corvette Yellow

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