Does the 2020 Corvette Owner’s Manual Show a Hybrid C8 is in the Works?


Does the 2020 Corvette Owner's Manual Show a Hybrid C8 is in the Works?

We’ve been waiting for the 2020 Corvette Owner’s Manual and now that it’s here, we are finding some interesting illustrations that point to future a C8 Corvette Hybrid model that Chevrolet may be working on.

According to page 244 of the manual, there is a secondary fuse block that resides under the interior waterfall that separates the driver and passenger seats. The fuse block contains a variety of various sized fuses, but for this conversation, focus on #7 and #12.

2020 Corvette Owner's Manual

The #7 fuse is a Power Sounder Module/Pedestrian Friendly Alert Function. This is actually the same label as Fuse #34 in the Chevy Bolt. Whereas the Power Sounder Module is the intrusion alarm, the Pedestrian Friendly Alert Function gives EV cars a sound that can alert pedestrians who might not see the EV. (I always imagined it would sound like a flying car from the Jetson’s, but actually it’s much worse!)

In position #12 the manual shows a Lithium-ion battery module. The Chevy Bolt doesn’t have this component and after reviewing a Chevy Bolt manual, the C8 is missing a fuse for a Rechargeable energy storage system, so it’s not quite the same tech as the Bolt. However, these are two different types of hybrid systems as we believe the C8 Corvette would use its electric power for quick performance boosts and not long-range electric power like the Bolt.

The rumor about the hybrid Corvette is that a battery pack will reside within the C8’s center tunnel and an electric motor that powers the two front wheels will take up the space in the front trunk. We’ve been hearing that such a set up would effectively create an All-Wheel-Drive Corvette with an estimated 200 hp generated from the electric motor. It’s also a set up that could be featured on all models of the C8 from the Stingray to ZORA or ZR1 model.

Although Chevrolet denies it, there is a curious fleet of still-camouflaged C8 Corvette prototypes driving in public that are sporting several electrical and cutoff switches as well as 2021 VINs. We’ve featured them several times over the last few months:

Hybrid C8 Corvettes?

So what do you think of a hybrid C8 Corvette with an estimated 200 hp at the front wheels? Would such a set-up have you sold on a first-ever hybrid Corvette? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Would the hybrid have electric motors in the front? If so, too bad the photographer didn’t get a shot of behind the front rims.

  2. Bring it on! A friend bought a Chevy Volt 8 years ago and has racked up 55,000 miles trouble free. Moral: GM knows what they’re doing when it comes to EV power trains. I’d buy a hybrid C8 in a New York minute.

  3. Beyond my Financial reach but it is inevitable and the performance will be spectacular. The buyer demographic they are trying to get to should scoop them up.

  4. Interesting. Especially since I wasn’t going to buy until 2021, I wonder if this will be available and what it will do to the cost. I will say it almost makes the convertible a must have. I’m a coupe guy but losing the ‘frunk’ along with the tight interior makes the trunk essential for the inevitable weekend trips, and I’ve gotta be able to have an open top.

  5. As a retired Principal Scientist and a Former Owner of a C6 Z06, i Appreciate Where GM is Going with This… Most people don’t realize Where average fuel Economy Laws are going, FORCING ALL manufacturers to Apply This Technology… So for the Skeptics, a BITTER reality pill to swallow…

  6. It’s inevitable if you really want to create a supercar with 700 plus HP. That kind of HP needs AWD to contain and control it in a manner that will feel just as confident behind the wheel. Not to mention the boost in MPG. Oh, sure there are those that will say that the weight gain of batteries will negate the HP gain of an electric motor up front. Of course, the jury is still out on that issue. Lower center of gravity, AWD and better handling? Never the less, it’s a win-win for the environment and enthusiasts. Don’t fear the technology… Embrace it!

  7. Im 38, I have hated electric vehicles all my life i’ve driven them from the 100k Bmw i8 and the Volt, they are soul-less and I don’t care if hybrid,full electric or anything, the Internal Combustion Engine is the best. These cars only appeal to a certain demographic, Rich liberals in the east and West. Im not one, I prefer My Vette V8. But of Course this Being “Woke” PC Barras Led GM it doesn’t surprise me sadly.

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