[PICS] 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible with Body-Colored Nacelles


[PICS] 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible with Body-Colored Nacelles

Chevrolet is offering three different looks for owners of the 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible, and while you can look at the Build and Price configurator to see a visual representation of the different roof options for the Convertible, we prefer to view the options on a real cars before rendering an opinion.

Up until this week, nearly of the 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertibles we have spied on the road or seen on display have all had Black Nacelles, which is the fancy name that Chevrolet gave the two humps behind the seats. Thanks to “Corvette_Nut” on the Corvette Forum for sourcing these photos of the convertible done in body-color.

When ordering or purchasing a C8 Convertible, you have three different color choices available for the roof and nacelles. They include the body-color roof and nacelles which is the default combination, or you can upgrade to either the Carbon Flash roof and nacelles (RPO D84), or the combination of a body-colored roof with Carbon Flash nacelles (RPO D86). As an FYI, the two different upgrades both cost an additional $1,295.

In this example from Corvette_Nut, we see a Sebring Orange Stingray Convertible with the Orange roof and nacelles. The car still has plenty of contrasting black with the exterior trim and the black open-spoke wheels.

[PICS] 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible with Body-Colored Nacelles

[PICS] 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible with Body-Colored Nacelles

[PICS] 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible with Body-Colored Nacelles

One of the changes from the C7 to the C8 has to do with the color of the A-Pillars that helps to frame the windshield. In the C7 days, all the A-Pillars were Black, but on the C8 the A-Pillars are all body-colored. However, if you order the Convertible with the black roof and nacelles, your A-Pillars will also be Black as well.

While at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, there was an Accelerate Yellow Convertible that featured the Yellow Roof and Black Nacelles. In speaking with Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles about the three different looks on the convertible, he shared with me that he believed that most buyers will either go all Carbon Flash or all body-colored and that the combo of the body-colored roof and black nacelles would be the least-selected option of the three.

Having three different looks to the convertible will open up people’s imaginations in how they want to customize their 2020 Corvettes. As a fan of the Convertible, we like having choices, and this design feature essentially offers 34 variations based on the 12 colors and three different options (12 colors, but only the body color option is available for Black Convertibles.)

For you Convertible buyers, I would love to hear which combo you’re going with. Let us know in the comments form below!

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  1. I doubt my name gets called to this summer at the earliest so I am waiting to see the options in real life
    I cannot even settle on the exact color yet so this decision will need to wait – “built” my out with all CF but the above Pics tell me saving $1300 is possible and still look good.

  2. I prefer the body color panels. The black and carbon fiber panels seems to break up the overall design too much

  3. I just think the convertible is more striking with black nacelles and roof. My RB HTC build is that way.

  4. I like a lot of contrast, therefore my RB HTC will be black nacelles and roof. I think that it gives the car a more sinister look, if you like that.

  5. I am going with accelerate yellow with the all black convertible top and black wheels just to tone down the yellow and give it a more custom look. I’m also adding the black fender stripes outlined in red with red calipers.
    I already have a red sports car convertible with matching nacelles and wanted something exciting and fresh.

  6. I’ve got a first allotment Torch Red Z51convertible coming and I will wrap the roof and nacelles in high gloss black or carbon flash via the aftermarket later – if that’s the look I want. Gonna live with it body colour first. The look of the nacelles done either way is great. Huge leap forward, and IMO – the best looking C8 is the convertible.

  7. I have a tentative April 06 week build date for my Elkhart Blue Convertible ALL body color….enough black accents on standard model without disruption of the body lines.

  8. Car looks best with roof and nacelles in body color. Now, make that ugly black thing on the side body color and the car will be truly beautiful……………until you get to the rear.

  9. Going with body color on both… may wrap just the roof section to match the carbon black.

  10. I like the body color nacelles, but I didn’t know that was an option. The black ones look like cheap add-ons to me.

  11. i feel its much cheaper to order it w the paint color, dont forgot the convertible option cost alot more as a option ! so i say go the cheaper body color as this is a very expensive car, but u gota pick the convertible & go with the cheaper body colors, the convertible is the way to go !

  12. The ONLY thing I don’t like about the Convertible is the sorry assed ‘nacelles’ and second is them painted in black. Look at the Lamborhini convertible and the C8 side view– the same.
    Gone is the real convertible look– now just a version of a T-Top.
    I’ve ordered all Torch Red.

  13. I will go with orange and BLACK nacelles because w/o them car looks like a coupe with the top up. Thjs is Calif. and I rarely have top up.

  14. I’m waiting to see what will be offered for the Z06. I’d like to see upgrades to body style and engine—all in a convertible option. The ultimate!

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