[SPIED] Trio of C8 Corvette Prototypes Equipped with Testing Gear


[SPIED] Trio of C8 Corvette Prototypes Equipped with Testing Gear

I came across this set of C8 Corvette prototypes on Instagram this morning. The post features six photos of these engineering cars that are most likely parked at yet another restaurant parking lot in an unknown location. All the cars appear to be older C8 prototypes based on the non-production headlights and taillights, yet the license plates we see have stickers that expire in ‘FEB 21’ so we feel these are fairly current.

Might we be seeing some powertrain testing happening here? Perhaps they are testing a new Corvette engine?

The three C8 prototypes have various testing equipment on them and we note an assortment of shut-off switches on the front and sides of the cars. The image we are featuring has testing equipment running front to back, and we see its wearing tailpipe extensions to create one port which the team can hook up to for gathering data from the exhaust.

These cars really look to have some hard miles put on them and the camo appears to have faded at various areas under the black camouflage covering these cars once wore. But we’re not complaining as we believe the more miles they put on the cars now will lead to more reliable streetcars down the road. So back to work!!

This group of pics comes from corvettec8centurion via Instagram:

The new 2020 Corvette Stingrays have yet to begin shipping to customers and already much attention has turned to the rumored C8 Z06 model which has been spied in recent days testing in California with both a Ferrari and Porsche as benchmarks.


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