[VIDEO] Corvette Racing Garage Discussion with Doug Fehan and Ben Johnson at Daytona


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing Garage Discussion with Doug Fehan and Ben Johnson at Daytona

During the run-up to the 2020 Rolex 24 at Daytona, we were invited to join other journalists for a quick Q&A inside the Corvette Racing garage on Saturday morning before the race. Joining us from the racing team was Corvette Racing Program Manager Doug Fehan and Team Manager Ben Johnson.

As a quick aside, I’m trying out a few different methods to capture video in my quest to downsize the amount of equipment I carry and I shot this video with a GoPro. The audio is a bit tough to hear at first but stay with it as it gets better once the conversation starts.

It’s a fairly technical discussion about the C8.R Corvettes and we asked about the light-weighting that went into the mid-engine racer, the tire selection to start off the race, and how the race team provided support to the production team when it came to the aerodynamics on the streetcar. I sort of dominated the asking of the questions to Doug and Ben during the Q&A and while I didn’t mean too, we got cut short and that was it.

While we are having the conversation, around us the crew is preparing for the race and we had to jump out of the way as the No. 4 C8.R was backed into the garage.

Thanks again to Chevrolet and Corvette Racing for allowing us to have a few minutes of their time on race day!

Photo and Video by Keith Cornett

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  1. In spite of what Doug and Ben Johnson are saying the C8R (and for that matter any production based race car) is radically different from the street version. The Pratt&Miller flat plane crank engine, special (non-DCT) transmission and suspension are unique to the race car, let alone a full carbon fiber body. The only place one might find true production based race cars is possibly club or SCCA racing and even there efforts to lighten the car include body panels, the interior tub and engine upgrades, not to mention wheels and tires.

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