The Second Shift at the Corvette Assembly Plant Started this Week


The Second Shift at the Corvette Assembly Plant Started this Week

Ah, the sound of the production line humming in Bowling Green, KY. can only mean one thing…it’s Corvette season!!

Last year, GM CEO Mary Barra made the trip to Bowling Green to announce the addition of 400 new jobs and a second shift that would be added to the Corvette assembly plant to handle all those new C8 Corvette orders. With one week to go before the start of production for customer cars, the plant’s second shift officially started up this past Monday.

The Corvette assembly plant has been building an estimated 500 or so Captured Test Fleet vehicles since December and our understanding is that those will be completed sometime this week. It’s also possible that if those cars are finished early, then the start of production for customer cars could even start this week.

When up to full speed, the Corvette assembly plant will be running two 8-hour shifts Monday through Friday and the anticipated line speed will allow the production of 11.6 new Corvettes per hour. As they were building CTFs, we don’t believe they are yet operating at that 11.6 cars per hour goal.

Members of the Corvette Team have confirmed that the goal is to begin customer deliveries in late February but as Corvette Production and Marketing Manager Harlan Charles told us at the Corvette Corral, they only have one opportunity to make a good impression, and so the quality control processes will be reviewing everything before those first customer cars are delivered.

In related news, our friend Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti shared this photo showing these CFT Corvettes parked behind the Corvette Assembly Plant:

The Second Shift at the Corvette Assembly Plant Started this Week

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  1. Can’t wait, got my TPW of 3-23, then National Corvette Museum Delivery. Maybe in my shop by the end of April.

  2. CTF cars are eventually sold at dealer auctions. Some of the pre-production cars are also being sent to various dealerships to be sold in new condition.

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