[ACCIDENT] A Dash Camera Captures the Scary Moment a C6 Corvette is Totaled in a Crash


[ACCIDENT] A Dash Camera Captures the Scary Moment a C6 Corvette is Totaled in Crash

A Corvette owner headed home after a day’s work was involved in a crash which totaled his red C6 Corvette and the whole thing was captured on video.

Mark Brumfield was on his way home from work on January 14th in Mesa, AZ., and the dashcam video opens as he pulls out onto a multi-lane road behind a white SUV. Ahead of him you see a Lexus crossover in a left turn lane. The Lexus driver waits for the white SUV in front of the Corvette to go by, and then turns right into the path of the red Corvette. You can hear Mark hit the horn but it’s too late and he crashes into the side of the Lexus.

Photos of the aftermath show the Corvette is severely damaged and would be totaled in the accident. Mark was taken to the hospital following the crash and we assume he is okay as he posted this video.

[ACCIDENT] A Dash Camera Captures the Scary Moment a C6 Corvette is Totaled in a Crash

From Mark Brumfield via YouTube:

On my way home from work when someone made a left in front of me, I was pretty much up to speed and barely had time to touch the brakes. Big thanks to Mesa Fire, the EMT’s and Mesa Police for their quick response. And big thanks to the people who called emergency services, and came over to check on me before rescue got there and stayed until I was loaded in the Ambulance.


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  1. To bad the asshole in the SUV didn’t fucking die! That’s all this world needs is another totally incompetent major league useless piece of shit inhabiting it!!

  2. Was the person in the SUV cited for failure to yield the right a way? Probably some Bimbo on her cell phone. I had a similar accident, back in the 60’s I was driving north from San Diego on the old two lane highway 395. I was in my 57 Corvette, which I had only bought 6 weeks before. I was coming to a side road with an old Plymouth waiting to cross. I was watching the, car and he pulled out slightly and stopped..Just as I was almost to him, he just rolls out in front of me.I was doing 60-65 at the time. I got on the brakes, but there was nowhere to go..I had oncoming traffic to the left..and a very deep ditch to the tight. My right front fender went across the front of the Plymouth, taking the bumper, grill and radiator out, an exploding my fender. Luckily, no one was hurt. I ask the old man in the Plymouth, What the hell he was doing???, he said in a slow voice…”Well..I stopped at the stop sign”
    I could of killed him !!!

  3. Not trying to be a Monday morning quarterback, but the SUV was quite a ways away when he started the left turn, could Mark have swerved to the left (it is a Corvette, not a pickup truck) and missed him? Have to think that part of Marks mind was on getting home and not situation awareness. Go ahead and slam me for (partially) blaming the victim, but I drive my C6 (Z06) like I ride my H-D, I assume no one sees me, it’s saved me (and my car) many times.

  4. In the video, the Vette was continuing to speed up until right before the wreck. I think with a nice Corvette, you would be driving a little more defensive and less aggressive with traffic all around. He had plenty of time to slow and avoid the accident all together.

  5. I agree Robert & Ronnie, the SUV’s intentions of turning were very clear before Mark grabbed another gear. The signs were there and I’m sorry that Mark and the ‘vette were injured. The SUV probably thought he had time but our ‘vettes are quick getting up to speed even taking it easy. It was a stupid mistake for the SUV to not yield. The bottom line is knowing what the other drivers are doing, seeing the potential and reacting before it happens. I do think that we all are guilty of being distracted or extra tired at times.

  6. If the Lexus driver gets a copy of this video, it could be debated in court that there was excessive acceleration on the part of the Corvette driver and that the Corvette driver could of slowed down to avoid the accident all together.
    Be careful out there fellow Corvette drivers and always be a defensive driver…avoids things like this from happening!

  7. I completely agree with Ronnie, a bit of defensive driving here would have prevented or greatly reduced the severity of this accident…..yes the Lexus driver is totally at fault, but Mark’s Corvette is FUBAR now, not a great outcome….(I also ride a a motorcycle like Ronnie-an ounce of prevention as the saying goes….)

  8. Some dashcams, when played back using the manufacturer’s software, show the date, time, location and SPEED of the vehicle. It would be interesting to see whether the Corvette driver really accelerated all that hard.

    When I play back some of my own dashcam videos, it really is difficult to estimate speed just by looking at the world going by. Just saying… Your mileage may vary…

  9. Wow…I’ve watched this video several times and, while I’m a Corvette enthusiast, it appears to me as though the driver of the Vette was complicit in causing this accident. He was happy to be off work, feeling good in his car, blasting his radio and “running through the gears” – potentially over the speed limit. The driver of the SUV was likely anticipating the oncoming traffic was proceeding at the posted speed limit. Speaking impartially, I’d have to say the driver of the Vette was mostly at fault.

  10. I also agree with Robert, Ronnie and others that Mark did not appear to take any emergency avoidance action (brake & turn away) when it appears there was plenty of road ahead when the Lexus starts the left turn. I feel bad that Mark got hurt(?) and his Vette is toast, but like on a trackm you have to drive with a, “what if they do that” attitude with “that” being something that endangers your car and have a mental plan to deal with it IF it happens.

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