[PIC] Holden Teases the Arrival of the C8 Corvette to Australia


[PIC] Holden Teases the Arrival of the C8 Corvette to Australia

Chevrolet is serious about letting the world enjoy its new mid-engine Corvette.

Indeed, the company will be offering new right-hand-drive Corvettes for the first time to customers overseas, and this Torch Red Z51 C8 coupe that just became the first mid-engine Stingray to arrive in Australia is sure to get enthusiasts fired up down there.

We told you a few days ago that Holden will have to wait to sell the new C8 as a 2021 model. But while customers are patiently waiting, folks in the Land Down Under will be able to salivate over this 2020 model that landed last week at Holden headquarters in Victoria.

Holden confirmed it will be a very special Christmas indeed for car enthusiasts there, publishing a photo of this Torch Red Stingray coupe with like-colored Z51 spoiler and yellow calipers on its Instagram page with the teaser: “Santa’s made a special delivery to Holden HQ in Fisherman’s Bend #corvette”

The photo shows just the rear portion of the car, so we can’t tell if it has right-hand drive or is just a left-hand drive test car sent over from the U.S.

Nevertheless, we’re sure Corvette fans are still excited to know that they will be able to see this new C8, no matter where its steering wheel is located, after it has already traveled a long way from its birthplace in Bowling Green, Ky.

It’s been a tough year in 2019 for Holden, what with sales falling to their lowest levels ever, CEO Dave Buttner quitting, and the Holden Commodore getting the ax.

But at least the company can take solace in the fact that the new Stingray will soon be available, though it and the diminutive Spark hatchback may be the only cars offered by Holden after the Commodore and Astra exit in 2020.

The Corvette will likely be tuned for Australian (and New Zealand) roads, according to a post by Holden on Facebook which said, “You’ll find the Corvette to be tuned and tested for our roads and conditions.”

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  1. So Chevrolet (or Holden) will build a right hand drive for the Kiwis, but they can’t (won’t) build s standard trans for us?

  2. Ronnie, I feel for ya, as I, too, am a “not 3 pedals, not a sports car” kinda guy. But engineering-wise, a mirror image car is way easier to do than the other thing, sad to say — especially the way they designed the C8. 🙁
    My suggestion:
    1. Keep your C7 or C(earlier) as a driver;
    2. Add a C8 to your fleet as a lookie. They are actually quite fun, but in different ways. Yeah, they’re drivable, but in our (as in yours and my) experience they’re better suited to those who buy ’em to park ’em, admire ’em, und vatch das gadgets und blinkenlights.

  3. Waldo, I have a C3 and a C6 (Z06) and have always believed REAL sports cars should be stick shifts. Not interested in the first of anything, then factor in that almost half of the union cry babies were not happy with the new contract and I’ll pass on the new C8, but will be looking real hard at the C8 Z06 or the ZR1. Truth is, I love my Z06; there’s something special about the number 427 as I’m from the era when that was the holy grail.

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