[SPIED] First Photos Show C8 Corvette Stingray Wearing Optional Ground Effects


[SPIED] First Photos Show C8 Corvette Stingray Wearing Optional Ground Effects

Photo Credit: BEAR.127

One of the many options that a Corvette buyer can check off on their orders is one of the various ground effects kit.

Chevrolet is offering three Ground Effects kits for the 2020 Stingray. The kits are available in painted Black Carbon Flash (PRO 5W8) or visible Carbon Fiber (RPO 5VM). Both these kits require the Z51 Performance Package and the kits include the front splitter and full-length side skirts. There is a third ground effects kit (PRO 5V7) for non-Z51 cars that adds the standard Z51 front spoiler and rocker extensions in molded black, but also requires the addition of the high wing to help balance the aerodynamics.

Thanks to BEAR.127 (Barry Luterek) for sharing these four photos that show the ground effects on a Torch Red 2020 Corvette Stingray with the Z51 Performance Package. The photos were posted yesterday to the Corvette Forum and they show the front and side aerodynmic bits on the car at various angles:

[SPIED] First Photos Show C8 Corvette Stingray Wearing Optional Ground Effects

[SPIED] First Photos Show C8 Corvette Stingray Wearing Optional Ground Effects

[SPIED] First Photos Show C8 Corvette Stingray Wearing Optional Ground Effects

[SPIED] First Photos Show C8 Corvette Stingray Wearing Optional Ground Effects

There’s actually a lot going on with this Torch Red Coupe. Along with the Black open-spoke wheels and black exterior trim, the Stingray also appears to have the matching Carbon Flash-painted side mirror covers and the Black Z51 spoiler. A set of black hashmarks is also featured on the front fenders.

The two Ground Effects kits aren’t cheap by any previous standards. The Carbon Flash version goes for $3,850 while the set in visible Carbon Fiber goes for $4,850. The good news is that if your order them with your Corvette they are installed at the dealership as part of the PDI process.

I’m not sure these are the right photos to use to make a judgment call on these optional aerodynamic pieces as they sort of get lost in the dark. Many on the Corvette Forum seem to be turned off by the long side skirts as well so we’ll wait for some better images to come around before rendering our verdict on them. However, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the ground effects kits. Did you order them for your Stingray? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Corvette Forum

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  1. I didn’t order them but happy to hear my car is in the queue for production. Should have it the first week of March.

  2. So, I’ve thought about this today and I have to say these pieces look like add-ons that you would buy from a third party vender. I’ll wait to see these added aero-pieces in person for my final assessment, but the C8 without these pieces is a gorgeous sports car. Honestly, sometimes less is more.

  3. I ordered the matrix grey metallic, w morello red 3LT, and the intake side molding color coded to body, with dark red calipers, just trying to keep it stealthy…. February 10 target week … waiting anxiously for stork to fly over bowling green maternity ward for museum delivery 🤗Dr Z Arkansas

  4. A lot of money for not much product. If I got them, I would make them body color, the black color
    makes them look too much like an add on, at the last minute.

  5. Agree they look sharp, I have ordered the Carbon Fiber on mine ( Elkhart Blue LT3)
    In person maybe another story. Still no word on my delivery.
    #6 on the list at my dealership in Mich.
    Love to get this car on the track at NCM & VIR

  6. I placed my order for a Z51 optioned car. I prefer just the smaller rocker extensions so will go with those just to fill in below the door some.

  7. With the night photo, the ground effects blend in to the surroundings and cause a neat little effect. It gives the illusion of space under the car and gives the car a little “lift” (visually) near the rear quarter panel. This does two things. It “slenderizes” the car some. making that spot appear less heavy. And secondly it gives the appearance of an aggressive rake forward. For me I think it is very interesting in the least and pretty cool in the most.

    Two factors tho is that 1 it is at night. And you could have image quality issues due to the camera (phone?) which intensifies the effect. So right now…who knows what it looks like in person.

  8. Has RPO 5W8 been added back on the pricing guide? As a dealer installed option? I may not have the latest version of the guide.

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